Hello Rotterdam!

This Blog of Rotterdam supplies you with all the information you need during your stay in our Rotterdam apartments. With this blog we hope you will get a clear impression about Rotterdam.  Rotterdam is a real world city with one of the largest industrial ports in the whole world. Rotterdam has a very impressive skyline that can be seen from a far. The great architecture is one of the main attractions of Rotterdam, famous are: The Cube houses, the symbol of Rotterdam: the Erasmusbrug and many other innovative buildings and constructions. Rotterdam has proven to be one of the greatest cities for a short break holiday.

Rotterdam is a very versatile city with a lot of highlights and attractions: The Euromast, which has a height of 185m, from the top of the Euromast you have an excellent view all over Rotterdam. The Rotterdam Zoo is certainly worth a visit, the Zoo is in the last couple of years extended in two large parts: the original Zoo and an aquarium. The zoo has a lot of different animals and is especially fun for the little ones.

Rotterdam is the host city for a lot of events and festivals: like Bavaria City Racing, North Sea jazz festival and Summer Carnaval. The city is organizing a lot of international cultural, sports and music events.

You can enjoy a lot of shopping in Rotterdam, any season of the year! In the ´koopgoot´ you can find a lot of shops and boutiques. Also great: The shops in the center of Rotterdam are open 7 days a week! So you can enjoy a whole weekend of shopping and sightseeing because there is  24/7 a lot to do in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam has a great selection of the best restaurants and cafés. Take a moment to relax and have a drink and bite on a sunny terrace or in a grandcafé like Dudok. Rotterdam is very culinary and the restaurants are serving food from a lot of national and international kitchens.

The nightlife in Rotterdam is dazzling and has many different clubs and bars, whether you love house, dance, salsa or pop:  Rotterdam is always playing your favorite music somewhere! Clubs like Villa Thalia, Club Vie and BLU set the clubbing scene in Rotterdam on a high level.

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