Don´t let a well deserved vacation ruin your healthy lifestyle, 5 tips to stay healthy during vacation!

A well-deserved vacation to a big city or a sunny destination is always nice! It´s normal to eat a little bit unhealthier while on vacation, but don’t let an upcoming vacation ruin your healthy lifestyle. Stay on track with these 5 travel tips & tricks to stay healthy during vacation!
Discover the city by foot or bike
Why always take the public transport? Discover the city by foot or bike and you´ll see more of the city in a active way. In most of the cities there are free walking tours available. These tours will show you the most beautiful parts of the city. A faster way of travelling? Rent a bike! You often get a tour by renting a bike. Beat that ass of!
Beat the jetlag
For those of us who fly a couple of time zones away from home, the jet lag can be a serious challenge. It makes you groggy and disrupts your rythm of sleeping and eating. Often you´ll take unhealthy snacks because you are so tired. But you can beat the jetlag! First of all it´s important to stay hydrated and avoid caffeine and alcohol. These can mess up your rythm and increase the jetlag symptoms. Beside that it´s important to eat high protein meals, these enlarge your alertness throughout the day. Last but not least: workout! If you sport the days after your arrival you´ll sleep better and feel less groggy.
Avoid touristic restaurants
When in a big city it´s easy to have a meal at a busy place near to the touristic attractions. There are a lot of dishes on the menu, often fried and greasy beacause it´s a fast way to prepare the food for the countless number of tourists. But why not eat in a local restaurant? Often there are more healthy dishes on the menu, made with pure, fresh and local food. You have to walk a little bit more, and you get more healthy food at the restaurant which both helps you to stay healthy on your vacation!
Take the stairs
Maybe it´s an stereotype point, but really you can burn a lot of calories extra by taking the stairs! Whenever on a vacation, remember that when you take the stairs you´ll burn about 7 times more calories than taking a lift or moving staircase. It´s a tip that you can apply very simple into your visits to the touristic attractions, during shopping or just by walking through the city.


The city is your playground
When you like to workout, you can discover the city while running your miles. A lot of (world)cities do have a big park where you can run and enjoy this piece of nature in the middle of the city. You can download the Strava app on your phone for nice running routes from locals. When in a city near to the beach it´s also nice to run while watching the beautiful sunset while working out!