Good Vibes And Relaxing, Everybody Needs Vacation! 7 Reasons Why You Need It Too!

Nov 11, 2016 | About us, Destinations, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments, Highlight Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments

You’re feeling tired, annoyed and you don’t know what the word relaxing means anymore… If this sounds clear, you need a holiday! Yes it will cost money and time, but you get so many good vibes back. In this blogpost you will read why everybody needs vacation!

Reason 1
So you decided to go on holiday, let’s start searching for the one you need. The searching part is already one of the reasons to go on holiday. Checking the weather and think, yes the sun is shining! Looking for the biggest shopping locations, shop till you drop. You found an apartment with a king size bed, perfect!
It will make you excited just thinking about it.

Reason 2
Waking up, go to work, dinner, sleep repeat.. Break the monotony of your every day life. Take a look in a new city and their culture. How are they living over there? When someone asks why you’re leaving just tell them it’s self-development.

Reason 3
Yes we all know a holiday is not cheap but money needs to roll! Life doesn´t last forever so pack your bags and did you know you’re stimulating the economy also? So keep in mind you’re not only pleasing yourself but also the economy, it’s a win win situation.

Reason 4
On an averageday at work we are about one small hour outside. On a holiday we can lay down on the beach, walk through the streets and sit on a terrace for hours. This has a positive influence on your health, only seeing green things is lowering your stress. By the big amount of daylight we feel happy and sleep better. The sun also gives you an extra dose of vitamin B!

Reason 5
During the holiday you’re also gone from your family, culture and expectation from you surroundings. This will give you a opportunity to just be someone else than the decent, wise, everyday you! Things that you normally won’t do in your daily life.

Reason 6
RELAX, forget what you need to do and focus on doing nothing. Wake up whenever you want, you don’t want to cook, go dining in a restaurant. Just do your thing, your body and mind will love it!

Reason 7
There is even something good about coming back from your holiday! You have never appreciated your bed more than at this moment. In this case it doesn´t matter how good you slept in the bed of your appartment on your holiday.

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