Formula 1: Grand Prix of Barcelona

Mar 22, 2019 | Enjoy

The season has starded in Melbourne and we can say that it’s going to be a spectacular season! Redbull has closed the gap between Ferrari and are on the heels of Mercedes. With the new Honda engine they have enough power to win more races and with Max Verstappen, the Dutch wonderboy, they have one of the best drivers of the field! What can they do during the Grand Prix of Barcelona?
Of course there are still 3 top teams to keep an eye on, but also Renault can be a good outsider this year. They’ve signed Daniel Ricciardo and when they have the car in good form he can be part of the top 6!

Now the season is started you can choose your race to visit! What about the Grand Prix of Barcelona, a classic on the calendar. This race is a great option to combine it with a weekend in the lovely city of Barcelona. The race will be on Sunday the 12th of May. So think about a weekend from the 10th till 13th or 14th of May!

Circuit of Catalunya, Montmelo















Montmelo, the Circuit of Catalunya, is located just 23km outside of Barcelona. We highly recommend you to go or really early by transfer or take the train. It will be very busy on the way to the circuit from the city.
It’s a really nice and pretty unpredictable circuit with 16 turns. The fact that it is unpredictable can turn into some surprising results! Think about the Grand Prix of Barcelona in 2016 when Max Verstappen became the youngest winner ever!

Grand Prix of Barcelona

Grand Prix of Barcelona

















Well, let’s hope that it’s not going to be a season with many races of solo drivers but that they’ll bring back the battles and takeovers as we loved! The Grand Prix of Barcelona is most of the times a guarantee for a great race. Do you see yourself at the circuit already? If you want to come there are a few things to keep in mind. Take into account that during the whole weekend Barcelona will be the center for Formula 1 fans. All the hotels will be completely booked also most of the apartments you can rent. But don’t worry, we from Enjoy Apartments can help you out with everything! We will have apartments for you and your friends, also we can arrange transfers to the circuit and back and everything else you’ll need! You name it, we will arrange it! Get your Formula 1: Grand Prix of Barcelona tickets here!

Take a look at, contact us and ask what you want! We would love to welcome you in the second weekend of May to Enjoy the race weekend together.