Wow! You are a lucky one if you are visiting Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup 2014. Do you want to see more than only a football match during your stay? Enjoy Apartments has composed this package of beach, culture, nature, food, drinks and shopping. In this blog “Football and much more in Rio de Janeiro” you will find places you have to visit before leaving Rio de Janeiro.

Ipanema Beach

Rio de Janeiro is the number one in best beaches in South America. If you really want to go to the best beach of Rio de Janeiro you have to go to Ipanema Beach, this beach is on the list of the 25 best beaches in the WORLD(!). Think of a beautiful view of the statue of Jesus Christ, white sand, nice waves, blue water and an amazing sunset. Ipanema Beach has it all!

It is an easy walk from the most famous beach Copacabana, which is more visited by tourists. The bus is also a good option to get to the beach. A lot of locals are coming to Ipanema for sun bathing, taking a dip in the ocean, the great atmosphere and to do sports.

The beach of Rio de Janeiro is a place to see and be seen. Different parts of the beach have different people going there. Would you lying on the beach between the trendy artists? You have to go to the lifeguard station “#9” or “Arpoador”.

At the many kiosks you can take chairs and a parasol. They set up everything and make sure you have everything you need. You pay for everything when you leave, Brazilians are very familiar. There are many restaurants where you can end a day at the beach with a beautiful sunset. You can go to all kind of restaurants: cheap, fast food or fancy and expensive.

We think this is a perfect place when you want to relax, meet new people and take part in beach activities!


Santa Marta Favela Tour

Do you want to experience the real life of the inhabitants of the favelas and hear their true stories? Santa Marta is a favela where local guides allow you to see the most special places. The guides are very friendly and you can ask them as many questions as possible. The local guides have been trained to take tourists around their hometown. In this way the locals have profit of your visit.

Santa Marta is one of the oldest favelas and also one of the favelas where drugs is history and the money will be spent on improving the lives of the inhabitants. You will feel very safe during the tour.

The statue of Michael Jackson is one of the highlights of the tour, because he changed the life of many people in Santa Marta and is an icon for many of them. It is fantastic how the local guide tells the story about their icon. This district also offers a beautiful view of the statue of Christ the Redeemer. The people of Santa Marta are very hospitable, most of them will invite you for the typical local drink, Caipirinha.

You will get lots of inside and background information of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. So besides the memorable and fantastic experience it is also an educational experience.


Tijuca National Park
View of Tijuca National Park

View of Tijuca National Park

It is hard to believe that you are in a city when visiting Tijuca National Park, also because it is almost 10 degrees colder than in the city. The highlights, of the one of the largest urban forest in the world, are the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, the Excelsior vantage and the Cascantinha waterfalls.

If you enter the park you will be welcomed with a beautiful waterfall. You can hike or take an open jeep to go further inside the park. Bring your own food, because there are a lot of green places where you can have a picnic or BBQ. The facilities are good and there are bathrooms available. You have to bring your own food, just for yourself and your friends and family, because it is not allowed to feed animals.

When you are in Tijuca National Park it feels like you are in a dream. Colorful mansions, wildlife, exotic trees and a beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro from the Chinese Vista point.


Food and drinks

The most bohemian neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Lapa, is nowadays the place to be for anyone who loves good music, good atmosphere, dancing and samba. Avenida Mem de Sa and Rua Riachuelo are two main streets with a lot of restaurants and bars.

Shot of Carioca da Gema

Shot of Carioca da Gema

Carioca da Gema at Avenida Mem de Sa is a place where you can show you samba moves or look at all the great moves on the dancefloor. It is open till 5 a.m. The service is good and you can also order some delicious food.

This was just a tip, but there is much more in lively Lapa! Walk through the streets and you will find many nice restaurants and bars.



Are you going out for shopping in Rio de Janeiro? You can go to markets, shopping malls or shopping streets. There are two markets you have to visit. The Feira Hippie in Ipanema and the Feira do Rio Antigo in Lapa. Art, fashion, souvenirs, gifts and antiques, you will find it in different types, sizes, materials and it is all typical Brazilian. The Feira Hippie is at Praca General Osório and is only open on Sundays. Feira do Rio Antigo is at Rua do Lavradio and takes place every first Saturday of the month.
For the best shops you have to go to the streets Rua Visconde de Pirajá in Ipanema, Rua da Alfandega in Centro and to the most traditional shopping mall Rio Sul with 370 stores.

Enjoy the football and much more in Rio de Janeiro, also known as “Cidade Maravilhosa” which stands for wondrous city. For the lucky ones who will go to a football match, we want to wish you a great time during the match!

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