Food tips Rio de Janeiro

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 Food Tips Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

Are you going on holiday to Rio de Janeiro? Don’t skip the hotspots! We have made for you a list with 9 restaurants of Rio de Janeiro.

As you maybe know, consists the brazilian kitchen mainly out of black bones with rice and fish or meat but don’t worry there is plenty of choice of tasteful and nice restaurants. Because Rio de Janeiro is against the sea and has a tropical climate there is enough fresh food to find.

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro:

  1. Fogo de Chāo
  2. CT Boucherie
  3. Boteco Belmonte
  4. Sushi Leblon
  5. Apravízel
  6. TT Burger
  7. Zazá Bistrô Tropical
  8. Açai tentjes
  9. Feira de São Cristóvão


Fogo de Chão

The best Churrascaria in Brazil! An Churrascaria is an restaurant concept in Brazil, but should definitely come to Holland! Here the prepare the meat in front of the customers, they roast the meat on large skewers. The whole time there are walking waiters with big skewers with meat and they cut for you a piece of meat on your table. Frequently you get a new piece of meat on your dishe. This restaurant is really worth a visit when your in Rio de Janeiro.

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro


CT Boucherie

CT Boucherie, launched by a legendary French chef Claude, is a real paradise for meat lovers. This restaurant also known as the meat temple of Rio. This restaurant is a classic butcher with a lot of different pieces of meat.

In contrast to other churrascaria’s in Rio you can’t eat this endless. The vegetables, rice and potatoes you can. When your meat dish is delivered, A delicious selection of appropriate food is constantly brought to your table by the wait staff. A visit to this amazing restaurant is a experience itself. It’s a bit more expensive than other places but worth every real.

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro


Boteco Belmonte

Feel like real Brazilian food? Then go to Boteco Belmonte! Here you get delicious meat or fish with typical brazilian side dishes like black beans, farofa and rice. Delicious local food, big portions and not expensive. My tip: Try here the feijoada! Feijoada is a stew of beans and different types of meat. It’s one of the most typical Brazilian dishes. And it’s delicious!

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro


Sushi Leblon

This restaurant is definitely not the cheapest option of Rio, but is is really a must-eated. Anyways sushi in a seaside town a smart move! Reserve or be there on time recommended. By Sushi Leblon they really go a few steps further than an average sushi restaurant. The best thing to do here is sit on the sushi bar. This because they prepare your sushi right in front of you. So you see all the different sushi´s and you will probably try something different than normal.

Foodtips Rio de Janeiro


Romantic dinner? Than i definitely recommend you Apravizel. Where you find out the combination between the France and Brazil kitchen. This restaurant is placed on an amazing spot of Brazil and exist of different levels, with little stairs connected to each other. The atmosphere is tasty tropical and relaxed en the view? The the reason you go here! Take a taxi to this restaurant because the road it is very steep.

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro

T.T. Burger

Do you like to eat a tasty burger with french fries and a milkshake? Than you at T.T. burger on the right place! You have a choice out of 2 kind of breads: with sweet potato or chili. When you choose the chili one you will get a red bread, caramelized onions, cheese and bacon. It´s really delicious! And after this tasteful burger you have your dolce de leite milkshake. It is the cherry on the cake. A highly recommend.

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro

Zazá Bistrô Tropical

Good food in a very cozy and warmly decorated case. Zazá is always full, with local people and tourists. De card of this restaurant is international, but clear Brazil inspired. As a starter on the card they have for example tapioca and cassavechips. Really good and a highly recommend. Is the case full and do you have to wait? No problem, because you can sit outside on the terrace.

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro

Big Polis

The locals are al centuries of  açai what i understand, tasteful and healthy! They sell this product by a lot of fruit bars thru the city. Those bars are each one worth a visit. It´s the fast food of Brazil, with choice out of shakes, smoothies and açai. Those bars also offer other typical Brazilian dishes like tapiocas but also normal burgers! Try the Big polis once, there they have really good açai.

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro


Feira de São Cristóvão

Less tourists know this market. If you go to the light of this Article you stay only between the locals.Don’t stop, it’s a very nice market in a big stadium. You found there everything nice souvenirs, but also music and very good food. You have fast snacks and churrasco. You have to visit it when you are in Rio!

Food Tips Rio de Janeiro