Feria de Malaga. A Local Festival Not to Miss!

May 15, 2013 | Barcelona Guide

Feria de Malaga is a great summer festival. I can easily say it is a great festival to visit, processions, bullfights, flamenco, great firework and just Enjoy the city of Malaga.  During this festival Malaga will go crazy, have wicked parties and many more…

The basic beginnings of this festival dates back a really long time ago.  The city of Málaga was conquered on the 19th of August 1487 by the Catholics kings Fernando en Isabel. Since 1491 this happening is celebrated with a procession during the Assumption of Mary of the 15th of August. since 1887 the municipal and the religious government are celebrating the festival together on the second and third weekend of august. The day that Andalusia was reconquered. Over many year the festival grew and grew. Nowadays it is one of the biggest summer festivals of Spain.

Feria de Malaga is organized in the second and third weekend of August and takes 9 days. These 9 days are amazing, think about it,  9 days to enjoy Málaga and see everything of the beautiful city. Feria de Malaga has also the name Feria de Agosto and is known as one of the most important summer festivals in Spain. The program is very varied; there are processions, bullfights, flamenco, a great firework and many top artists they will perform on different stages inside and outside the city. The opening of Feria de Malaga is at Friday night. After the public announcement it is time for the fireworks on the beach of La Malagueta. During 20 minutes there will be tons of fireworks shooting in to the air. After the last bombs explodes in the air, the malagueños rush to the historic city center of Málaga were they continue enjoy Málaga.

Interesting things in the program are:
– Downtown Fair: Light and color. Music, dance, wine and tapas. 11 to 18 August from 12:00h till 19:00h at the streets and squares of the historic center.
– Flamenco in Feria: Traditional dance at Plaza de la Marina & Peña Juan Breva. 12 to 18 August at 13:30h
– Magical Medieval Fair: For the children. Clowns, muppets, games, workshops, story tellers and more. 13 to 18 august, Calle Alcabazilla
– Bullfighting: One of the most important Bullfighting in Spain. 10 to 19 August. Malagueta Bullring. Where to buy tickets: +34 952 00 50 80.
– Fairground: The biggest activity. The Spell of the night. Flamenco, malagueñas, verdiales, orchestras, live concerts. Municipal stands or Casetas. Free entrance into all Casetas. 11 to 18 August, from 12:00 h, in the Fairground, Cortijo de Torres.

Different areas
After the great opening, the most activities are with daylight in the historic city center. When the sun goes down, the activities moves to the neighborhood Cortijo de Torres near by Real del Cortijo de Torres. There are hundreds of party tents, a fun fair and the concerts with top artists will be held here. Seen the day and night activities they are speaking about a Feria de Dia (Day festival) and a Feria de Noche (Night festival). Feria de Malaga is a great attraction for tourist.

Why you should visit.
Feria de Malaga is the biggest festival in Malaga of the year. Everybody is nicely dressed and happy. If you want to enjoy malaga at his best, you have to visit this festival. Enjoy Apartments could offer you a great variety of  holiday apartments in Malaga.