FC Barcelona Beats Rubin Kazan

The ambiance in during a FC Barcelona match is unique!  The home stadium of the Barcelona soccer team, Camp Nou is definitely the most impressive one in Europe! It is highly recommended to visit a FC Barcelona match during your stay in Barcelona apartments! There are several apartmentss near the Camp Nou.

FC Barcelona selected a young group of players in the champions league match against Rubin Kazan on the 7th of December 2010. This was the 4th time they played against the Russians and the 1st time that they won. FC Barcelona convincingly beat Rubin Kazan with a score of 2-0!

The FC Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola, experimented with this game because he made an unexpected selection of players in this match. Fontàs and Thiago Alcántara were handed their UEFA Champions League debuts.

The first 45 minutes of the game, was already shown that this team of FC Barcelona is in a great condition. They had the most possession and they played quick and almost flawless. The keeper of Rubin Kazan wasn´t playing fair at all, he constantly waited too long before he finally brought the ball into the game, to the annoyance of the FC Barcelona fans.

The last 45 minutes were more defiant and quick, Six minutes after the restart Thiago stabbed the ball in the goal of Rubin kazan! The second highlight of the match was the introduction of Messi, who produced his excellent trademark dribbling, but they were still Andreu Fontàs and Víctor Vázquez who scored their first goals for the Catalan giants!

Overall it was an exciting game and FC Barcelona had blown away Rubin Kazan and they deserved it! The ambiance during the match and after the victory was great in the stadium! So, get your tickets for the next FC Barcelona match and have a look in the extensive offer of short stay apartments in Barcelona.

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