El Gordo, the Biggest Lottery in the World

Dec 10, 2012 | Barcelona Guide

Do you want to be a millionaire? Spaniards buy a ticket for “El Gordo”, the biggest lottery in the world.

Every year in Spain at Christmas the Biggest Lottery in the world is held. Last year this lottery has a total estimated price money of € 2,520,000,000 euro’s or over 2500 million euro’s. The biggest price that you can win is “El Gordo”, literally translated ´the fat one´. This price is approximately worth 4 million euro´s.

El Gordo” has started in 1812 and has grown to the biggest lottery in the world. Every year there are bigger winnings, more people buy more tickets, the winnings get bigger and so on. The lottery continues to grow. No Spaniard can´t resist the temptation to buy a ticket, approximately 75% of the population buys a ticket. Some say the win chances are 1/3. The price money is spread over 15000 winning numbers, there are many small prices but also lots of big prices. The numbering system of the tickets is complex. You can´t choose your own numbers, this will be done for you. The lottery will have a huge amount of specific codes. You can order a ticket in almost all tabacco shops and on their website.

El Gordo” will be drawn at the 22rd of December this year. This will be a big event for the Spaniards. It starts 9 in the morning. Forty children will sing the number that is drawn from 2 huge drums that contain over 100.000 numbers. This will go on till the winner of El Gordo has been drawn. For many Spaniards this is a very exciting day, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

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