Easter in Barcelona, why is this the perfect place?

Mar 26, 2013 | Barcelona Guide

Barcelona is the place to be during the Easter weekend, a nice temperature, lots of activities and a unique atmosphere.

Spain is a catholic country therefore the Easter celebrations are very popular. The Easter celebrations in Spain are accompanied by a holy week namely, the Semana Santa.  This Semana Santa is celebrated throughout Spain and attracts lots of foreign visitors every year, also to Barcelona.

The history of the Semana Santa dates back to the time when Jezus lived 2000 years ago. In March he came back to live. First it was celebrated together with the Jewish celebration Pesach. When the celebrations officially were divided the popularity of the Semana Santa grew and grew. Nowadays it is one of the biggest celebrations of the Catholics.

Barcelona celebrates the Semana Santa in its own traditional way. During this week a lot of traditional activities take place. Palm Sunday for example is a great event. On this day a procession takes place in the Ciutat Vella. This procession, La Burreta as the locals call it celebrates the arrival of Jezus in Bethlehem on the well known donkey. The Barcelona locals also eat a delicious cake special made for Good Friday. This cake is eaten at night with family and friends because the religion attends not to eat on this day. The name of this cake is ‘La Mona de Pascua’.  Make sure you buy this cake on Thursday because most of the shops are closed in the weekend because of the celebration. The restaurants are opened in the weekend, this is because lots of families occasionally eat in a restaurant during the Easter weekend.

The activities during the Easter weekend and the holy week, Semana Santa in Barcelona combined with the beautiful Mediterranean weather makes Easter in Barcelona ideal for an amazing vacation. If you are searching for accommodation Enjoy Barcelona is a great solution for you. Enjoy Barcelona offers a great variety of apartments in Barcelona during Easter in Barcelona and Semana Santa.