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General information about Dubrovnik

Payment:                                                                   By Kuna (1 euro is 7 kuna)
Country code (phone):                                            +385
City code (phone):                                                    20
In case of emergency (phone number):               112
Police number (Theft or other stuff):                  +385 20 443 777
Electricity:                                                                 220 Volt




ATM services in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has plenty of ATM’s on the street where you can withdraw your money with most debit cards.
When a foreign card is inserted into the ATM machine, there is usually a choice of languages. The exchange rate you’ll receive will be far, and there may only be a small service charge, which depends on your bank back home. You can check this with your bank before travelling. Local banks sometimes also charge an operating fee on top of this.

Safety in Amsterdam

Dubrovnik is a safe city, but as in every city in the world where a lot of tourists come there are thieves and pickpockets. Make sure that your valuables are stored properly, because the narrow bustling streets of the city are the work of these criminals.
Furthermore, there is not much to keep in mind, except that the traffic in the city is quite chaotic.


Post office services in Dubrovnik

Spread over Dubrovnik you will find Postal boxes. Postal boxes in the Dubrovnik are painted yellow.

Central post office:
DubrovnikCentral Post Office are opened monday-friday 07:00 till 20:00, saturday 08:00 till 15:00 and sunday closed. If you need to send a postcard or letter, you can buy stamps in pretty much any kiosk or in the post office. Postcards and letters with stamps can be dropped in any mail box. Telephoning can be done at the post office, they also offer telegram, fax service, and money exchange service.


Public holidays of The Dubrovnik

Most shops and banks closed on public holidays. The public holidays of The Dubrovnik are:

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jan 1 Friday New Year’s Day National holiday
Jan 6 Wednesday Epiphany National holiday
Mar 27 Sunday Easter Day National holiday
Mar 28 Monday >Easter Monday National holiday
May 1 Sunday Labor Day / May Day National holiday
May 26 Thursday Corpus Christi National holiday
Jun 22 Wednesday Day of Antifascist Struggle National holiday
Jun 25 Saturday Statehood Day National holiday
Aug 5 Friday Homeland Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Aug 15 Monday Assumption of Mary National holiday
Oct 8 Saturday Independence Day National holiday
Nov 1 Tuesday All Saints’ Day National holiday
Dec 25 Sunday Christmas Day National holiday
Dec 26 Monday St Stephen’s Day National holiday

How late do the stores open and close

Shops in Dubrovnik are generally open from 8am to 9 pm, sometimes limited during winter months. Most shops open seven days a week.