Discover Barcelona in an offline and adventurous way

Jan 23, 2020 | Enjoy

Do you want to see Barcelona in another way than usual? Are you up for a fun and exciting way to explore the beautiful city? Or do you want a new team building experience? Then turn your phone off and take part in a treasure hunt through the streets of Barcelona.

Treasure hunt

You might be wondering, aren’t treasure hunts just for kids? The answer is: no! The excitement of figuring out secret codes and looking for hidden clues is just as fun for adults. This is why Xventura came up with different challenging treasure hunts! A refreshing way of exploring the city with your friends or family, or a cool activity to do with your colleagues! Here are a few of the treasure hunts you can choose from!:

The artist

If you are into art and especially Pablo Picasso, this is the perfect treasure hunt for you! The Artist route tells the story of Pablo Picasso. It will lead you through the neighbourhood where Picasso used to live. You will pass by big highlights such as the Arc de Triomf and the Picasso Museum. Your objective is to find the hidden painting of Picasso and a trail of clues will help you do so. This route is for 4-30 people.

The explorer

The Explorer route runs through the Gotic quarter and tells the story of Columbus. Christopher Columbus is a world-famous explorer who discovered America in 1492. The route will take you to the places in Barcelona that have to do with Columbus and the puzzles are all in style of Columbus his adventures. You succeed if you find the logbook of Columbus! This route is for 4-30 people.

The chef

If you are worried that you’ll get hungry during the treasure hunt, choose the chef route 🙂 The Chef route is a treasure hunt full of puzzles and riddles combined with the most delicious food and local drinks. An outside escape room combined with a food tour! What more can you wish for?? This route is for 4-10 people

Besides these 3 routes there is a family route called the detective, the challenges are suitable for kids of 8 years and older but also younger kids can contribute in the hunt.

There are a few other routes, those are for more than 30 people. Above 40 people you can customise your own treasure hunt, how fun is that? So when you want to disconnect from your phone, get to know the city in a new way or just want to have a lot of fun with your friends/family/colleagues, do a treasure hunt with Xventura!

Find more information about the hunts here.

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