Discover Barcelona by Bike

May 5, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

There are many ways to discover the city, hiring a bike is one of the most interesting and accessible ways to get around in Barcelona. In the city are numerous bike shops were you can rent bicycles. When you rent an apartment and you want to see Barcelona by bike or join a tour with a guide we can set you up with one of the bike rentals in Barcelona.

You´ll soon notice that there are a lot of people cycling in Barcelona. It is a big city but also compact so with a bike you can easily come everywhere you want. The city has a reasonable network of cycle lanes; in Spanish they called the “carriles bici”. In total there are between 120 and 140 km of cycling paths, and they are still planning on more. For example you can cycle all the way down along the beach. When you decided to hire a bike you have to make another decision.

First you can choose to only rent a bike, it doesn´t matter with how many persons you are. At the end you pay the time you have been away with the bike. At this point you can find out yourself what you want to see in Barcelona. It´s great! You can hop on hop off where ever you want. Take a rest in a lovely restaurant, or see the beautiful view from the top of Montjuic.

If you’re not so good with reading maps you can choose to join a tour. The tours are all guided by a guide who can tell you everything about the city. There are different tours, for example a Tapas tour or a Gaudi tour. The tours take around 3 hours, and all have a total price per person. This is perfect when you want to know the history behind Barcelona. The city is one big story full of history, so you will have a lot to listen.

Take a look at the extra services on our website to find out conditions of hiring a bike together with your own comfortable Barcelona apartment with Terrace.