Deja Blue Free Diving 2013 an exciting competition do you want to take a visit or participate?

Sep 26, 2013 | Curacao Guide, Enjoy Apartments, Events Curacao, Highlight Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments, What to do in Curacao

Do you love free diving and do you like to challenge other people who dive?

You can experience it all at the Curacao Blue Free diving 2013 competition.
The competition has two categories: the training and the competition. The training week will be held from September the 28th till October the 4th. This category is open to all who want to test their own limits in diving. You will have the pleasure of competing against all the other participants.

If you turn out to be among the best divers, you will be allowed to compete in the main competition category. The main category will be held from the 5th till the 11th of October, 2013. To compete in the main Curacao Déjà Blue Free diving 2013, you need go through the training competition, unless you are from USA, Canada, Brazil or Venezuela.

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Each of these categories gives you a choice of several disciplines to compete in. There are six disciplines in Curacao Deja Blue Free diving 2013, these are:

1. Constant Weight-where you dive down using power come up wearing a fin.

2. Free immersion- you will pull yourself up and down using a line

3. Constant No-fins-swimming down and back again without either fins or line.

4. Static Apnea- diving in the pool face flat holding the breath as long as you can.

5. Dynamic Apnea-diving under the water with a fin holding breath you will be tested how you can dives.

6. Dynamic Apnea without Fins-diving under water without fin while holding breath, the distance is the winner here.

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These six disciplines will be divided into out in the sea category and pool competitions. You will be allowed to specialize if you so wish. You can compete in one discipline and give it your best all day long. Or participate in all the disciplines and have the chance of being Curacao Déjà Blue Free diving 2013 champion. The competition is open for men and women, each in their own disciplines. It is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and also face your water phobia if you have that. So let us meet at the Curacao Deja Blue Free Diving!

You can stay the whole competition in one of the apartments of  Enjoy Apartments.
We have different apartments near the beach so you don’t have to travel that long and you can enjoy your journey