What makes cycling in the Netherlands so popular?

Netherlands – country of cyclists? Next to the car the bicycle is the most famous transportation in the Netherlands. There are even more bikes then people. But what makes cycling in the Netherlands so popular? There is not a specific reason why it’s so popular, but there are a few big reasons cycling in the Netherlands is more popular then in other countries. Find out what the particular reasons are….

They learn it young

“Once you learn how to ride the bicycle you’ll never forget it” says a popular saying. Remember your first bicycle? Tiny colorful tricycle that felt so fast! In the Netherlands you learn how to ride a bicycle at a very young age. Around 3-4 years you will ride a bicycle with side wheals but that’s not the first time the children meat this transport. Differently from most countries parents take there children on bikes when there only 1 or 2. There are a lot of special seats for  children to carry them with you on the bike. But not only parents teach there children how to ride a bike. Due to the mild weather throughout the year family trips with bicycles are popular way to spend family time. Another way children learn safe bicycling is in the  school.


Enough bike roads

While in most countries you have to go along with motorbikes, scooters and cars which is risky, in the Netherlands you have a lot of bike roads. Roads are as wide as car lanes on  main roads. Therefore it’s really safe to ride a bicycle, even small kids ride bicycle on there own. The Netherlands has the least amount of deaths by bicycle accidents in comparison to the amount of bikers in the country. For great bicycling infrastructure Netherlands can also be grateful to their landscape. Country doesn’t have many high hills so ridding long distance in chosen speed is easy.


It’s in the culture

Do you remember who taught you to ride bicycle? In Netherlands it’s an old tradition.  Every child learns to ride a bike. Most of the time they learn it from there father. And when they have children then they teach them. The tradition continues through generations giving parents and children not only good memories together but also a tradition to carry in their parents and grandparents name.


No need for helmets

Besides learning basics of riding a bicycles kids are being taught of safe ridding. Because of bicycle ridding rules in the city and etiquette  people don’t wear helmets when going with the bike. The fracture in the country has lot of bike roads and traffic lights for bicycle drivers forcing them to slow down. For these reasons bike in Netherlands is considered to be a safe transport. There isn’t a law for wearing a helmet on the bike, so people are not forced to wear one. Research show that need to use a helmet would decrease the amount of bikers when introducing the helmet for bikers. Only exceptions are racers or little children.

Choice between car and bike

Netherlands is a compellingly small country and people are used to travel longer distance.  The Dutch often choose to go required distance with the bike. Most of the time they go with the bike when the distance to cover is less then 7.5 k.m. With a distance more then 7.5 k.m they prefer the car.

Parking your bike

You might have a question where to park bicycle when there are more of them that people in the country? In the big cities infrastructure provides number of parking lots for bicycle parking. In Utrecht city a brand new parking lot for bikes was just opened. It can hold 12.500 bikes. In Groningen there is a parking lot with space for 10.000 bikes. But you don’t have to park your bike in a parking lot, there are enough places where ever you want to leave your bike. Sidewalks filled with parked bikes are as usual view as streets park with cars.


The weather allows it

Holland offers perfect weather conditions for biking lovers. Mild weather keeps you warm enough and child by wind.  Hot tropical weather after a good distance of biking without correct adaptation could be hurtful, as body looses liquids while sweating. That also creates uncomfortable feeling. In the Netherlands you don’t have to bring new clothes,  to work or school because it’s not that warm.

In Amsterdam and The Hague up to 70% of all journeys are made with the bike. Although Amsterdam is not the best city to bike there are a lot of cars, trams and other public transport countries infrastructure, mild weather. Also deep tradition of cycling in the Netherlands traditions allows Netherlands to be the country of bicycling. Biking is not only faster, safer it’s also healthy and let’s not forget fun!

Rent a bike

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Get into the Dutch culture and use one of the most famous transportation in the Netherlands! It’s fast, safe, healthy and fun to do!

What do you think of the bike as transportation? And do you think it should be more popular in your country? Please let us know!

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