Curacao Marine Park – A journey filled with remarkable life like you’ve never seen before!

Jan 29, 2012 | Barcelona Guide

Anyone who visits Curacao will step into the clear blue ocean for a swim.

But what about the many ways to truly discover the sea with its wonderful life?

Recently, Substation Curacao has launched a mini-submarine called “Curasub”, offering tourists from around the world the rare opportunity to take a memorable journey to the depths of the Caribbean Sea. The Curasub descends four times a day to unreachable depths for scuba divers, 1.000 feet (320 meters).  Onboard, submarine passengers can see colorful fish, corals and old shipwrecks in the waters that surround Curacao. During the dive you stay dry and you experience no pressure differences.

Substation Curacao is also for non-divers a fantastic experience to explore the Caribbean Sea with its amazing creatures and species of coral. Most of us only know the deep ocean of TV but that is about to change during your upcoming stay in our finest Curacao holiday rentals.

Substation Curacao has been designed and built by Nuytco Research LTD from Canada, a world leader in specified underwater technology. The submarine is certified by Lloyds of London and the American Bureau of Shipping to a maximum diving depth of 1000 feet and therefore fulfills the highest standard and safety of the submarine world. This makes Substation Curacao unique in the world.

Substation Curacao has several diving programs. The unforgettable trips last about 1-1,5 hour and you will be able to take photos and/or your own movie of all creatures you encounter. All this without getting wet! When you are interested in this adventure and you want to rent one of our Curacao holiday rentals, you can visit our website:

Besides a journey with Substation Curacao you can also dive and snorkel at about 65 locations on Curacao. There are always Curacao holiday rentals near one of these locations. Anyone who has ever snorkeled or dived in Curacao could not stop talking about the beauty of Curacao’s underwater world. In the waters of Curacao is an abundance of marine life. You can discover fish like colorful parrot fish, silvery barracuda, colorful butterfly fish, red snapper and more. Along the coast of Curacao you can see the most beautiful coral reefs.  Banda Bou and Central Curacao are the most famous diving locations.

Curacao has also a special protected underwater park, also known as Curacao Marine park. This is a protected area that is found by the nonprofit foundation CARMABI (Caribbean Research and Management by Biodiversity). The Curacao Marine Park extends from the eastern tip of the island towards the west (distance of about 20 km).  In this area you can admire many tropical fish and different species of coral during your Curacao vacation.

Curacao has besides the dive locations also schools where you can learn how to dive. The dive schools of Curacao are known as the best in the world. They offer you a complete package, from coastal and reef diving to extreme depths diving. Take your lessons at the best diving schools of Curacao and assure yourself of the best dive experiences of your life.

It doesn’t really matter in what way you intend to discover the sea surrounding Curacao, by snorkeling, scuba diving or with the submarine Curasub. The remarkable and stunning underwater life of Curacao is an area that you should definitely have experienced!