Curacao Dolphin Academy – Highlight attraction on Curacao

Aug 28, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

Curacao Dolphin Academy is a must to visit for every holidaymaker who is spending a vacation on Curacao. Not only do you get to see dolphins in their natural environment, you also have the chance to meet these amazing creatures up close. During this highlight attraction on Curacao you can pet and kiss a dolphin, swim with them in a lagoon or enjoy the dolphins in open sea. This highlight attraction on Curacao is definitely an unique way of spending your day while staying in one of our Curacao vacation rentals.

Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals and their friendly appearance and playful attitude have made them very popular with humans. Dolphins are social animals and live in groups of up to a dozen individuals. Membership in a group is not rigid and interchange is common with dolphins. They will show strong social bonds when one of them is injured or ill. In such case, the dolphins will stay with the weak one and will even help them to breathe by bringing them to the surface, if needed. Dolphins communicate using a variety of clicks, whistles and other vocalizations and they make ultrasonic sounds for echolocation.

However, the protecting behavior of dolphins does not appear to be limited to their own species. In fact, a dolphin in New Zealand has been observed guiding a female Pygmy Sperm Whale together with her calf out of shallow water where they had stranded several times. Dolphins have also been seen protecting swimmers from sharks by swimming circles around the swimmers making the sharks to go away.

At Curacao Dolphin Academy you can learn more about the body and behavior of dolphins during different programs. Participate this highlight attraction on Curacao and see for yourself how wonderful dolphins really are. Curacao Dolphin Academy offers six different programs to choose from during your stay in Curacao vacation rentals:

Dolphin Encounter: You will enjoy a first encounter with dolphins and get the chance to study the dolphin up close while you are in the water until your waist. This program at Curacao Dolphin Academy includes hugging, petting and a kiss from a dolphin.

Dolphin Swim: This program offers more interaction with the dolphins because you will be swimming between them in a lagoon. The program is full of great experiences and you will learn to give signs to the dolphins. On your sign, the dolphins will sing, clap, kiss, splash you wet and do much more. The highlight during Dolphin Swim is the “Dorsal Ride”, meaning you hold on to the fins of two dolphins while they tow you through the water.

Dolphin Snorkel Program: Delve into the world of dolphins while you are snorkeling in a lagoon surrounded by dolphins. During this program you can study the dolphins under water and see them behave with each other.

Dolphin Open Water Dive Course: You will make a dive with the dolphins in open sea right in the middle of a beautiful coral reef of Curacao. Follow the dolphins into the deep and become one with them for a while.

And for those who want to go all the way, there is the opportunity to sign up for dolphin trainer at Curacao Dolphin Academy. There is a course for adults and a course for children. During the course you will learn the basics of dolphin training and learn all about dolphins.

Before the programs start you will receive information about the dolphins from the dolphin trainers. During all programs at Curacao Dolphin Academy pictures and recordings are made. You can purchase your photos or DVD of this highlight attraction on Curacao at the end day.

When you get back to our comfortable rentals you can relax and dream on about this unique creatures you have experienced at Curacao Dolphin Academy.

Besides a visit to Curacao Dolphin Academy the island of Curacao has a lot more of highlight attractions to offer. Read the extensive Curacao Tourist Guide for more information about all fun leisure in Curacao.

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