Common Travel Scams: Learn To Fight These!

Jun 15, 2013 | Barcelona Guide

Many people have reported being victims of different scams during their travels. Even those who are frequent travelers are not completely immune to the scams that range from being ripped off by cab drivers, to paying too much for goods and services. While the scams may not necessarily be very costly, they leave the victim feeling used and embarrassed, and they can threaten to ruin a perfect vacation. Following are some tips that can help you to avoid falling for the scams.

1. Research the taxi culture

Do your homework and find out the minimum fares before you hire a taxi. Drivers in many locations are skilled at spotting ignorant visitors and they usually hike their prices when they know they can get away with it. Research airport transportation in CT before you leave home and find out the average fares. It is also a good idea to make a note of the taxi driver and registration as well as the company name, in case any issue arises.

2. Dealing with traders

Many peddlers or traders who target tourists are always looking to make a profit and they are adept at trying to get information about what you can afford to pay. They start by asking where you are from and while this can sound like they are just trying to be friendly, they are actually trying to determine how much you can afford to pay. You can end up paying double for an item because of where you are from.

3. Be careful about overly helpful guides

There are people who are constantly on the lookout for strangers and they appear out of nowhere offering to help you get around. You should be very wary of such people as many of them turn out to be criminals. The “helpful guides” can lead you into a trap where they can rob you of all your possessions. If you need a guide, make arrangements with a reputable tour agent before you get to your destination.

4. Look out for distractions

Most people are easily distracted especially when visiting new places. Pickpockets use these distractions, especially in crowded areas, as they carry out their activities. The moment it takes you to look at the dropped items, is enough for the pickpockets to relieve you off your valuables. You should ignore distractions and leave your valuables in the hotel room when you are out and about.

Make sure that you secure your luggage before you check in. Lost luggage or missing items is one of the most common complaints that travelers face. Securing your luggage using sturdy locks or investing in good quality luggage, can help to deter criminals from robbing you.