Christmas gifts especially for travelers!

Dec 23, 2015 | Enjoy

Will it be this year a backpack or maybe just a travel guide? It’s quite difficult to find suitable Christmas gifts for travel lovers. Enjoy apartments selected for you the best travel gifts. So rest assured, you don’t have to stress.


Give a trip!

traveling is what your friends are doing most of all, so give them one! You will probably unconditional love in return. Tip for yourself: make sure that you will also join that trip!


Skill gifts

Learning and travelling are going hand in hand. Give for Christmas a photography course on site or a course for a local activity, such as diving or a wine tasting. there is plenty of choice, the possibilities are endless.


Food is always a good idea!

Give a dinner for two at a restaurant with the cuisine of your favorite globetrotting friend.

Mega power bank

It has become essential with phones and tablets in your pockets: the power bank. Handy if you don’t have power for a while!

Travel inspiration

Tip your friends about the blog of Enjoy Apartments, here you will find useful and practical tips, great posts about different cities/countries, and handy info about all of the destinations.  


Give a wonderful memory

A little traveler has a good camera. If not, then you have a perfect Christmas gift to give. Still slightly above the budget? Create a photo book with lovely travel memories.


Help your friend, that’s the least you can do

Who will take care of the dag? who gives the plants water? many stupid things your friend don’t like to worry about before the new trip… Offer help to your friend, here he/she has nothing to worry about!