Where Better To Celebrate Pride. Gay Pride Barcelona 2013

Jun 27, 2013 | Barcelona Guide, Events Barcelona

The gay pride is getting capped in Barcelona since five years, and since the first year it was a big success.
Since the gay pride is held in Barcelona is it growing every year. Every year there are more people that come to Barcelona for the event. The gay pride is held on several places all over the world but still is Barcelona one of the most popular places. In the last weekend there are always the most activities of the event. There is here a little schedule that you won´t miss anything of the gay pride.

Friday June 28
From 20:00 there is stiletto race (Minimum heels of three inches required, after that there is Miss Drag pride Barcelona. On 11:00 o clock there is a foam party where everybody has a drink and is getting loose. This is all going to happened at Avenida Maria Cristina by Plaça Espanya.

Saturday June 29
On Saturday it begins at four o clock with a parade what starts at dels Tres Xemeneis (the three chimneys at Parallel by Portal de Santa Monica) on something like 18:00 the parade will be at Plaça Espanya where there will be a really big party.

Sunday June 30
Sunday will be the last day and they are going to finish the week good with a street party with food, drinks and of course music the party will start at 10:00 p.m. and it will finish at 10:00 AM. The party will be capped at Diputació among Casanova and Villarroe.
During the party in Tibidabo all people from the gay pride will go sit in the amusement park.

Since a few years Barcelona is really getting famous as a gay capital that comes because Barcelona respect the choices of people and there is a lot of things to do in the city Barcelona.
For example Barcelona has a great shopping centre with a lot of different clothing stores, there are the most expensive stores but you also can buy at some little stores something good for five Euro’s.
There are allot of very nice Beaches, Clubs, Bars and restaurants in Barcelona, and the best thing is that almost everybody here respects one other. Those are a few of the many reasons why the gay pride in Barcelona is such a big success. When you are looking to reactions on the Internet from the gay pride Barcelona 2012 you also will almost only very positive reactions like that people there had their best time of their life.