Carnaval in Sitges!

Jan 23, 2019 | Enjoy

Every year one of the biggest Carnaval parties of the world are finding place in Sitges! Carnaval in Sitges is a winter festival you cannot miss: The Carnaval in Sitges is in the top 10 best Carnavals in the world and attracts annually more than 250.000 people! In this blog we will tell you about it and show you the best events to go!

The Sitges Carnaval is finding place in the period before fasting and traditionally it is the last time to “misbehave” and party before the 40 days of fasting! Sitges is seen as one of the gay-cities and is really proud to organise this 7-days during festival for whole the whole world. Every year the Carnaval in Sitges starts on Thursday and it consists of a lot of parades! This year, the Carnaval in Sitges will start on Thursday 28 February and will end on Wednesday 6 March.

28 February:

The first day of the Carnaval in Sitges is Always on a Thursday and on this day the Dijous Gras takes place. Dijous Gras means Maundy Thursday and this is the opening of the fesitval. The king of the Carnaval – King Carnestoltes – will arrive in colour full clothes and will open the festival. In conclusion, to start the festival good you need to see this!

2 March:

The second day of the Carnaval is in picture of the Sitges Carnival Bed Race. With this annual crazy bed race people will go down the streets on a bed on wheels! There are trophies for the team with the best bed and the team with the best costume. The race will take place from 12.00 till 13.00 and is really fun to watch!
The race will take the following route: Francesc Gumà, Jesus, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Sant Pau, Passeig de la Ribera, Sant Pere, Parellades, Bonaire and Passeig de la Ribera.

3 March:

On this day the Rua de la Disbauxa will take place. Rue de la Disbauxa means the dissolute parade and as this name says is it a bold parade without confines! There are about 2.000 participants in this parade, who will be carried on rafts! The Rua de la Disbauxa is a thing you need to see!

5 March:

On the second-last day of the Carnaval festival in Sitges the Rua de l’Extermini (the destruction parade) will take place! As the name says, it is a sad parade and all the transvestites participants of the parade will wear black clothes. This parade stands for mourning that the king of the Carnaval dies and the festival is almost over. The explanation of this parade might sound a bit weird, but is really worth seeing!

6 March:

Unfortunately this day is the last day of the Carnaval in Sitges. This day is called ash Wednesday and symbolise the end of the winter festival in Sitges. The event is intended to remember the beautiful memories of the 7 days of the Carnaval. With this event, a picture of a sardine will be carried to the beach and will be burried on the beach. This means that the coming 40 days of fasting you are not supposed to eat delicasies like fish and meat.

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