Must see in Cape Town

So.. apparently you are curious huh? Here you can find the local places to visit in Cape Town!

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My recommendations of local places to visit in Amsterdam..



Take a few surf lessons and rent a surfboard to go lose into the waves in the suburb of muizenberg, in the same Bay you can also go diving with white sharks and go whale watching.

Muizenberg, Cape Town

Kalk Bay

kalkbay-capetownKalk Bay is a picturesque village on the East coast of the Cape Peninsula. From Cape Town, you can ride in less than 45 minutes to the fishing village. In Kalk Bay you can buy farm-fresh fish in the Harbour, or choose to buy it at Sirocco, an open-air restaurant on Main Road with a large palm tree in the Middle, and buy a plate similarly fresh West Coast Mussels. And that plate will be one of the best things in your life.

Kalk Bay

Driving the Garden Route

gardenroute-guide-capetownThis is not a must see and do in Cape Town itself, but should without a doubt be a part of your holiday in Cape Town. You can’t go to Cape Town without the Garden Route in your vacation planning. The garden route is about 300 km long and officially starts at Mossel Bay and ends approximately at Jeffrey’s Bay – although the opinions about the official start and end points vary. You will pass the golf capital of the Western Cape, George, the beach rich Wilderness, the Knysna forest until you arrive in Plettenberg Bay known for its white beaches and crystal blue water. Jeffrey’s Bay is considered the Mecca for surfers. In short, reason enough to drive from Cape Town along the Garden Route.

Mossel Bay, Cape Town


bokaap-capetown-guideThe most colourful district of Cape Town is Bo-Kaa– – is not to be missed. Bo-Kaap is the district where the freed slaves went to live after the abolition of slavery in 1838. During slavery in South Africa it was forbidden to wear colored clothes and with the abolition of slavery the residents decided to celebrate by painting the houses of the Bo-Kaap district. Go to the Bo-Kaap museum to learn more about this special district.

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

Lion's Head

lionshead-capetown-guideYou should have climbed Lion’s Head before you leave Cape Town. Point out. If lion’s Head really looks like a lion head seems a subject to put for debate, but there is certainly no less by the view from the top. From the common starting point at the foot of the lion’s head (at Kloof Nek Road) to reach the top is about 45 minutes to climb. It’s the most beautiful when you go in the morning to go see the sunrise. The hike is suitable for beginners and advanced hikers – there is a shortcut half way up the mountain for the beginners to make it more easy.

Lion’s Head Mountain, Cape Town

Chapman’s Peak

chapma-capetown-guideOne of the most beautiful routes along the coast is Chapman’s Peak drive. They don’t call it ‘ the nine most beautiful kilometers of South Africa ‘ for nothing. This road offers scenic views over the sea and the mountains and connects Wood Bay and Noordhoek. You can take the 114 (!) curves of the road by car or bicycle –it’s only allowed to go up to the highest point (be seen from Hout Bay) by foot.

Chapman’s Peak, Cape Town

Blijburg aan Zee

Of course, there is no real sea in Amsterdam. But you can find an ”fake” sea at Blijburg aan Zee. Here you can swim and there are on this sandy beach often summer parties. Stay here on sunny days and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. in the evening there is live music and DJ’s make the party complete while you cozy around the campfire.

Muiderlaan 1001, Amsterdam