Buy original art at the newest Barcelona flea market

Nov 8, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

A new Barcelona flea market will let Enjoy Apartments guests take home original arts and crafts from up and coming designers, artists and artesans. City travellers can also explore what the trendy and tasteful have to sell: second-hand clothing, specialist homewares and unique tchotchkes (yes, it’s one of our favorite words too).

This new Barcelona flea market opens on Saturday, 12 November from noon til 5 pm at the Civic Centre in Plaça del Sortidor. If you are staying in one of our Barcelona apartments in Ciutat Vella (especially those nearest the metro stop Poble Sec), drop by and pick up a one-of-a-kind, affordable momento of your Barcelona stay.

Two of the artists selling original works at the newest flea market in Barcelona are Mari Jo Ribas and Cristian Montesinos.

Barcelona flea market RibasThe two work together on exhibitions and short films as part of their “workxfood” collective, as well as continuing to pursue individual art careers.

“The market gives me a chance to share some of my unpublished works and bring them into the light in an open and public space. Otherwise, these pictures would never have been exposed to the public in this context, but that I now find I am sharing as part of a personal process,” Mari Jo explains. The works she has on sale include portraits, and a series of emotionally charged works that play with compositions of light and dark.

Mari Jo has previously exhibited at the Barcelona contemporary art centre CCCB, and has recently returned from displaying her work at a Lisbon art festival.

barcelona flea market MontesinosAt the Chewie Barcelona flea market, Cristian – who has an industrial design background and is cofounder of the Marina68 Studio – will be sharing his artwworks that include recent line drawings and paintings of Barcelona city landscapes. His individually watercolored prints will have a special reminder for many of our Enjoy guests. The painted drawings include scenes familiar to those who have stayed in a Barcelona apartment and peered out from their balconies into the courtyards usually hidden behind building facades, feeling like a local while here for a shortstay trip.

The Chewie Barcelona flea market – named in homage to the hairy alien Chewbacca in the Star Wars trilogy – means you can take home a slice of original Barcelona art at an affordable price and without struggling with unwieldy luggage on your return to the airport. We are sure that whatever you buy will be a unique and special souvenir of your stay in both this amazing city and in our comfortable Barcelona apartments!