Best places to visit in Europe

Feb 28, 2017 | Enjoy

Which cities are worth a city trip in Europe? We selected for you the 7 most beautiful  cities of Europe. Beautiful in spring, summer, autumn as winter. All the cities are full of classic sights, ambience and historic buildings. And about cities where we know less about!

1. Rome
Rome is an open air museum and according to a lot of people the most beautiful city of Italy and maybe the beautifulles city of Europe! You will find here the famous Colosseum, the Roman forum, the Spanish stairs, the Trevi fountain, Vatican city, Castel sant´angelo, the vittoria emanuele and the beautiful Pantheon. And instead of that you have the delicious  chaotic street life of Rome. The ambience squares and streets. And the delicious restaurants and espresso bars. You need to visit Rome once in your life!
Blog 1 Rome

2. Barcelona 

One of the best places to visit in europe in Barcelona. This city have a Rich culture and beautiful sights? Check! An ambience old centre? Check! Cosy terrace and hip bars? Close to the see with large beaches? Delicious tapas or fresh see food? Check, Check, Check! The combination of a city and a beach, the fantastic ambience and the unique architectural delights of Gaudi makes Barcelona one of the coolest cities of Europe. Walk over the Ramblas, check out Mercat de la Boqueria and visit Placa reial in Gothic quarter Barri Gótic. In the evening it´s always cosy and  a lot of places to go out!
Blog 1 barcelona

3. Istanbul 
The bazaars en minarets, the street life, the people, the food, the views across the Bosphorus: Istanbul is fantastic. Maybe it´s the most exotic and vibrated city of Europe. There are so many sights in Istanbul: The blue mosque, the Aya sofia, the topkapi-palace, the big bazaar and the Egyptian herbs. But at least so interested is the street life of Istanbul. Go to a park and sit on a bench and watch the shoe polisher, bread sellers, markets people, coffee drinking people and the fishing people  at the Bosporus. And enjoy the Turkish Hamam, visit the hip nightclubs in Beyoğlu and walk trough the traditional district Kadikov, on the Asian side of Istanbul.
blog 1 istanbul

4. Prague
Prague stay still is a classic city in Europe and is one of the best places to visit. The city has a beautiful historic centre full of sights. But thats not the only reason what Prague makes worth a visit. Walk trough the old streets and look for authentic pubs where in autumn and winter the heater works on full power, Big beer mugs for a euro and when you feel hungry eat black pudding and liver. Taste the old east Europe ambience en get drunk with the locals. Than you see later if you have time to see the Charles Bridge, the old city square with his famous astronomical clock. Spring, summer, autumn or winter: Prague is every period good for a visit.
Blog 1 Prague

5. Lisbon
Picturesque, winding streets full of relief, but also elegant shopping boulevards, squares full of terraces and fountains: Lisbon is one of the most romantic cities of Europe for a city trip. The Portugese capital extends about seven hills at the north side of the river ´Taag´. Our favourite  district is the old neighbourhood Alfama.  In this maze of alleys, gates and stairways you see the washed clothes hanged out of the windows, you hear every where music from bars and the smell of garlic of and baked fish. You can walk here for hours. Another thing that you really have to do is take tram line 28, this tram drives you to the steep streets of the centre. And  Elevador de Santa Justa and Castelo de São Jorg are also worth a visit.
Blog 1 lisbon

6. Budapest
The Hungarian capital Budapest is elegant and romantic, but at the same time dynamic and energetic. Old classic castles and palaces look out to coffee shops and bars Mongols, Turks, Austrians, Germans and Russians: they all put them stamps on Budapest. Together with the proud Hungarian people they made this city for young and old people. There are 2 different city parts Boeda and Pest with both their own style. Boeda has hills and a lot of green. Here you can find the old kings palace, castles and the rich neighbourhood. The view from castle hill, and fishermen’s bastion are amazing. The flat Pest is the commercial heart of the city, full of shops, big squares and stylish boulevards. You also see the culture life with a lot of museum, theatre, bars and nightclubs.
Blog 1 Budapest

7. Vienna 
Vienna doesn´t have a reputation as a popular city trip location, but it is one of the best places to visit in Europe. But this is not fear! Because it´s beautiful and you can see a lot of things! The city near the Donau is the culture, politic and economic heart of Austria. The rich history you can see in the beautiful museums en historic buildings. Vienna is also the world city of classic music. En in the past the home place of famous composers as Mozart and Beethoven. What you absolutely have to see in Vienna:  Schönbrunn Empress Sisi, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace, the Museum Quarter, the Vienna State Opera, the Naschmarkt and the famous wineries in the district Grinzing. And Hip Vienna? You will find, among other Karmeliter market, the Freihausviertel and the Spittelberg, close to the Museum Quarter.
Blog 1 Vienna