Best Paella in Barcelona, here you’ll find it!

Mar 14, 2019 | Enjoy

Spring is around the corner and the weekends have to be enjoyed to the máximum, we would like to share with you our favourite spots to eat a really good Paella, or better, the best Paella in Barcelona.
Paella is a traditional dish with as main ingredient rice! Furthermore the classic Paella from Alicante, Valencia is with seafood, fish and rabbit. And of course some vegetables. Combined with a beautiful glass of ‘catalán’ wine and you’ll have the perfect combination for a great lunch on a sunny day!

We’ve put a list together of several good spots to go in a particular order. So check them out and find out yourself which is the best one!


La Barca del Salamanca
Part of the Silvestre Group this restaurant has a lot of history, this year 2019, they celebrate their 50th anniversary througout the whole year! With two locations of ‘La Barca’ you can choose on where to go! The oldest one, managed by the ‘godfather’ of the Silvestre Group, Silvestre himself can be found in Barceloneta. The other, bigger one, can be found in Port Olimpic. This one is managed by one of his sons and is a well known spot to go. On sunday it’s packed with local families and don’t be surprised if you see somebody that you’ll know. This placed is loved by al lot of players of FC Barcelona and legends like Johan Cruyff, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ronaldinho are used to came here to enjoy their delicious Paellas!

La Barca del Salamca, terrace.















This one should be on your list for sure! Located on the hill of Montjuïc the view is unbeatable. Imagine yourself sitting on the terrace, watching over the seaport of Barcelona and the rest of the Mediterenean Sea, sipping on a glass of wine while the very friendly and professional service brings you the big pan of Paella. How would that be?
It’s a good idea to combine Martinez with a day on the Montjuïc. There is a lot to see and you can escape the hassle of the big city without going that far!
Paella is a traditional lunch dish, but at this place it can be fine with the sunset as wel!

Terraza Martinez with the stunning views

stunning view from the terrace.
















This ‘Chiringuito’ is located at the beach of Bogatell. It’s a well known place to go, also for locals. This means that it can be usefull to reserve your table. Especially on beachdays it can be really hard to get a table! But well, that’s for a reason. They have a big, open kitchen, where you can almost be part of the process. Here you can see that making a real Paella is almost art.

They have really good sea food dishes which you can take as a starter as wel!

Escriba, located at the beach of Bogatell

Escriba, located at the beach of Bogatell













One of the all time classics can be found in the heart of the old fisherman neighborhood ‘Barceloneta’. This is the favourite under the locals. If you ask somebody who lived in Barcelona for over 5 years if they’ve been to Cheriff, the answer will probably be yes! And once you’ve been yourself you will understand. These delicious arroces are made with love and you can really taste it! All the products are fresh and the fishes are coming from the fish market which is just a few meters away. Fresher than this you can’t find them!

Cheriff, hidden in the heart of Barceloneta

Cheriff, hidden in the heart of Barceloneta














What are your favorites?
We are curios of where you’ve been to try the real taste of Spain! Let us know in a reaction so we can try out those places ourselves! Send us your best Paella in Barcelona by Facebook or as a reaction on this article!

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