Benefits of Self Serviced Apartments in Lisbon

Jul 28, 2015 | Lisbon

Lisbon is an international trade and tourist center. Both individuals and corporate officials visit the city either for business or entertainment. Whatever your motivation to visit Lisbon, it is always better to stay in self-serviced apartments rather than a hotel. There are several advantages of staying in self-serviced apartments.

Photos of the apartment

You know before hand what kind of apartment or accommodation you are going to stay in. Each self-serviced apartment proprietor displays the photos of the apartment on the Internet. You can see the photo and get an idea of the size, the furnishings, the dcor and the rent of the apartment before selecting it. You cannot get that kind of detailed information about the individual rooms of a hotel.

Hassle free renting

Renting a self-serviced apartment in Lisbon or anywhere else is more hassle free than in case of a hotel. You can straightforwardly communicate with the proprietor of the apartment and bargain for the rent and other facilities in case you want to stay longer.

Decision of location

Self-serviced apartments are available all over Lisbon and you can get an apartment closer-now and then walking distance away – to the area of work, office, company or entertainment center. In case you stay in a hotel, it may be far away from the place of your work and you may have to pay expensive taxi fare. You save on time and cash by staying in a self-serviced apartment.

Rental Savings

Self-serviced apartments are also called aparthotels, that is to say, they have all the facilities of a hotel, however their rents are approximately 25% cheaper than them. Besides, as the name suggests, you do your own particular services which brings about a colossal additional savings something which is unrealistic if you stay in a hotel. You have to pay for the waiter or maid services in addition to heavy tips to the service staff in the hotels. In a self-serviced apartment, you can employ the services of a housekeeping staff or do the errands yourself.

Food of your own choice

Frequently you cannot get the sort and quality of the food for your individual taste and health needs. You have to accept the stock sustenance that is served to other clients. The hotel charges you the expense of the nourishment, as well as for its preparation. You can save almost half on your self-prepared sustenance if you stay in a self-serviced apartment.

Eat whenever you like

Hotels have altered timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Either you have to adjust to their calendar, go without nourishment, or wander out to find something suitable. Self-serviced apartments offer great adaptability in this admiration.

Best hotel facilities at lower costs

Most self-serviced apartments in Lisbon are outfitted with the facilities that starred hotels offer, for example, swimming pool, gymnasium, health clubs for your wellness necessities and even bars for your pleasure.

No hassles of rented accommodation

If you lease an apartment, you may have to confer yourself to an agreement for staying at the very least six months. You have also to engage an attorney and pay for his services as well. In case of self-serviced apartments, you can stay as long or as short as you like without entering into such agreements.

A bigger number of facilities than in a hotel

The best part of the renting self-serviced apartments is that you get a bigger number of facilities in them than in a hotel. For example, you get an extra living space, lawns, bathrooms and obviously, very much prepared kitchens. You can stay alone or with your family or companions in an exceptionally informal way without the constraints of a hotel. A self-serviced apartment is a home away from your own home with all the basic facilities that you have in your own home.

Isolated and secluded living

If you like an isolated stay in Lisbon, there can be no preferable place over self-serviced apartments. You can appreciate the pleasure of living in absolute isolation and peacefulness, away from the crowd