Before You say: Londen Here We Come, Some Tips And Tricks For Getting Around in London!

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Holiday/city trip time! You’re going to London with the whole family, yes including the kids. What to take into account when getting around in London? Definitely the best recommendation is to first know where you want to go. Ok let’s start with some basic tips and tricks for getting around in London!

Getting Around
Getting around in London can be a bit of a challenge. The city of London is enormous. Not only does it have four different airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and London City), but it also has numerous of trains, tubes, busses and not to forget DLR trains. Lets start with tricks to get along with public transport.

-By bus
London’s popular red busses are a fast, handy and also an inexpensive way to travel around the city, along with lots of sightseeing and tour chances along the road. You can not pay your London bus fare with cash money but with the Oyster card or contactless payment card.

-By Tube
London is actually provided with 12 tube lines. Underground trains commonly operate from monday till saturday, between 5 am and midnight, , with reduced operating hours on Sunday. Buy a Visitor Oyster Card or use a contactless payment card to get the best value as cash is the most expensive way to pay.

-By Docklands Light Train

The Docklands Light Train (DLR) connects with the tube. The DLR runs from 5.30 am-12.30 am from Monday till Saturday, and from 7 am till 11.30 pm on Sunday. DLR prices are the same as the Tube. You could pay for your DLR fare with a Visitor Oyster Card, Oyster card or contactless payment card.

What To See
A few days in London, must be spend the right way. Read some of the coolest things to do in London.

Queen’s Guard at Buckingham palace
Everyone knows the soldiers of the Queen’s Guard in their black and red uniforms and high black fur hats to guard Buckingham palace. Unperturbed they are day and night, in rain and sunshine at the gate of the palace.

-Tower of London and Tower bridge
The Tower of london is near to Tower bridge and has the best view over the bridge. The bridge still opens and closes every day. You can just walk over the bridge or go in the Tower of london to have that good view.

-Big Ben
The Big Ben is the icon of London, the sound of the bells is loved by everyone. The Big Ben is located very central and definitely worth visiting.

What To Do
Ofcourse you want to use your time efficient but what do you really need to do? Read it below!

-London eye
A ride in the world famous Ferris wheel must be on your to do list. A tip from us if you’re gonna make a ride; do it by night. The city will be on her best when all the lights shine bright, you will make the best memories. The London Eye is opened till 20:30.

-The science museum
This spectaculair museum will surprise you and is really interesting. The museum is quite big and there is so much to do and see! Below the museum there is a whole playground to introduce your kids to science. The science museum is located next to the Natural History museum.

-St. James Park
This park is one of the eight royal parks. Buckingham Palace is located at the east of this park. In the park you will find a lake, the St. James lake. This lake has two islands. The first one is called Duck Island, the second one West Island. This park is also definitely worth visiting.

What To Eat
When you’re in london you need to taste some of the typical London food!

-English breakfast
This is also known as bacon and eggs. The dish consist Bacon, baked eggs, sausages, beans, black pudding, baked tomatoes and champignons served on a roasted bread. A breakfast with a lot of calories, but very delicious!

-Sunday Roast
This dish also belongs to one of the famous dishes in England. The dish contains most of the time roast meat, roast potatoes, batter, vegetables and gravy. The gravy depends on the type of meat they use.

-Fish and chips
Everyone heard of this, the populair fish and chips. This consist fried codfish served with fries.

-Cream tea
This is also known as Cornish cream tea or Devon cream tea, it’s a speciality from Devon, however nowadays you can buy it everywhere. Cream tea is tea served with a small bread stuffed with jam and whipped cream. Delicious!

Where To Stay
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