Barcelona´s most Beautiful ´Must See´ the Magic Fountain

Apr 15, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

When you come to Barcelona for holiday, business or to visit family, there are many things to do! One thing what you must write down on your ´to do´ list is go watch the Fonta Magica (Magic Fountains).

One of the most beautiful things in Barcelona is the Magic Fountain. When you stay in Barcelona you cannot miss this spectacular sight in the city. You will find the fountains at Plaza Espanya in front of the MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya). This museum looks on the other side like a castle and is located on the Montjuïc. Together with the fountains this is one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona. During the day it is just a museum with fountains. But when the show starts at night, it is amazing to watch. You will see lights together with the fountains and the music is perfectly synchronized, all together it looks like a fairytale. Still it is hard to describe what you experience, so you have to see for yourself, it is worth it!

The very first performance from the Magic Fountains on the Montjuïc was on May 19, 1929 one day before the start of the Great Universal Exhibition. Carles Buigass the designer submitted his plans only one year before the exhibition that is why many thought that the project was way too ambitious to be created. Finally he commissioned over 3000 workers to work on his project, and less than one year the Fonta Magica was born.

Because of the Spanish Civil War the fountain was badly damaged, and did not play until 1955. In 1980 they incorporated the music together with the lights and the fountains along with the MNAC specific for the Summer Olympics from 1992 held at the Montjuïc. The shows includes classical, modern and film music, such as “The Godfather, `the Lord or the Rings´, `Gladiator´, and `Barcelona´ by `Freddie Mercury´ and `Montserrat Caballé´.

The Magic Fountain is an amazing display of color, motion, music, light and water when you mix all these elements together, you end with pure ´magic´. From comfortable Holiday Apartments Barcelona you can easily go and visit the Magic Fountain on the Montjuïc.

Stay in one of our Barcelona Apartments with Terrace and visit the Magic Fountain. In the spring and summer periods there are shows from Thursday to Sunday from 9pm to 11.30 pm. Outside the season the shows are Friday and Saturday from 7 pm to 9 pm. From you Barcelona apartment you can take the red (L1) or green (L3) metro lines to Plaza Espanya to see the Magic Fountain.