Transport in Barcelona

How to travel when you’re in Barcelona. Information about the trains, trams, buses and taxis


How to transport yourself in Barcelona..

  • By Metro

Barcelona has a dense metro network, so you don’t need to stress over timetables. The majority of the sights are within walking distance from a city. You will swiftly find your way in the local area network. If you have a certain destination, visit the next city station, check which line goes there as well as exactly what the name of the terminus is. In the metro stations, the terminus is signposted. If you have to switch trains, it works the same.

Metro Timetable:
– Sun-Thu: 5am-12am
– Fri: 5am-2am
– Sat: 24h

In the evening it often takes place that just one entryway of a metro station is open. When the metro quits running, there are evening buses available.

  • By Train

The FGC is the Catalan railroad company that runs trains to the suburbs. They go along the Costa Brava up until they get to Blanes 50 km north of Barcelona. They also head to the airport and along the coast in the direction of the south to Tarragona via Castelldefels as well as Sitges. Trains to the northwest pass the House of Montserrat on their way.

All lines meet in Barcelona, where the trains manage underground like the metro and are incorporated in the local transport system. You won’t have to deal with difficulties here, locating your train is actually as easy as in the metro station. Sometimes there are subterranean connections in between local area stops and FGC stops. The same tickets are valid right here.

  • By Bus

There are over 200 bus lines in Barcelona and each bus line has its very own map. This is actually making it hard to tell which bus takes you coming from A to B. If your hotel is a little more away from a metro station, ask at your hotel which bus you could take.

Both metro and routine buses stop driving at some point at night. There are actually lots of night buses in Barcelona that will take you back to your hotel all night long. The hours of operation of the regular buses and the NitBus vary from line to line. The night buses drive around 10 pm till around 5 am.

  • By Taxi

Taking a taxi is a really good choice instead of going by bus or even the metro, specifically during the night when the metros do not run any longer. There are numerous taxis which are quite ”cheap” as compared to various other European countries.

The taxis in Barcelona are yellow and dark with a green light on top. When the green light is on, the taxi is free. There are over 4,000 taxis and 260 taxi stands in Barcelona. You can just banner down a taxi on the street. Within 50 m coming from a taxi stand, a driver is not allowed to stop to pick up passengers. At a taxi stand, you won’t have the choice which taxi you would like to take unless you have unique requirements (e.g. if you need air conditioning, a different kind of payment and so on).

Taxi contact numbers:

  • the largest taxi office:
    “Radio Taxi 033”: +34 933 033 033
  • special taxis for people with reduced mobility:
    “Taxi Amic”: +34 934 208 088
  • By Bicycle

Bicycles are actually a big and important part of Barcelona’s social transportation system. The Barcelona city council launched this bicycle renting system, named “El Bicing” (pronounced “bee-sing,”) in 2007. Barcelona’s Bicing city bike system is actually mostly used by locals of Barcelona due to the fact that this is actually meant as a social transport service for quick bicycle journeys of a maximum 30 minutes in duration. Because of this it is definitely not ideal as a sightseeing and tour bike alternative therefore for visitors seeing Barcelona, we encourage leasing bikes at the numerous bike rental providers which lease bikes at more affordable hourly rates.

Price Barcelona city bikes:
Annual subscription price €47.15
Annual subscription for Bicing membership with unlimited bicing trips of 30 minutes each free.
After first 30 minutes 4 additional periods of 30 minutes are €0.74 each
After 2 hours each additional hour costs € 4.49

Operation times:
Sunday to Thursdays: 
Bicing stands open all day except from midnight to 05.00.
During the night you can only drop-off bicing bikes, not pick them up.

Friday and Saturday:
Bicing stands  open all hours of the day for both pìck-up and drop-off of bikes.
On certain days during special events like big festivals the Bicing is open all night.