Must see in Barcelona

So.. apparently you are not curious huh? Here you can find the typical places to visit in Barcelona!

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My recommendations of places to visit in Barcelona..

The street art of Barcelona

streetart-barcelonaBarcelona is like a canvas, no matter where you look, there is beautiful works of art everywhere. Barri Gòtic is a district in the Centre of the old town of Barcelona. In this district are many small streets and old squares. For the most beautiful street art works of art it is a must to go through the small streets in this district. You come against works of art by well-known street art artists such as Pez, ROA and Alice. Each day, there are some new colorful and eye-catching works of art.

La Rambla

ramblasLa Rambla is a concept! Everyone who goes to Barcelona, has been or is going to La Rambla. La Rambla is a very long and wide shopping street, always busy and hugely popular. This street is-partly-only for pedestrians and if you walk it completely out it is more than 1 km long! There is plenty of public transportation that stops at La Rambla. Of course you will find many cozy restaurants and tapas bars on and around La Rambla. Also a lot of shops in the side streets. La Rambla is not to be missed on your to do list!

La Rambla, Barcelona


Mercat de la Boqueria

market-barcelonaThe official name of the fresh market is Mercat de Sant Josep. The mercat “La Boqueria” is the largest and most famous fresh market of Spain and is often visited by locals and tourists. The colorful market “La Boqueria” originated in the 13th century as a street market on the Rambla. The iron roof of the market was ready in 1914. The name ‘ Boqueria ‘ comes from the old Catalan translation that means something like a place to keep (and/or to sell) heads of goats. Fresh fish, Catalan sausages, huge hams, cheeses, fruit drinks and colored candy stalls; look and especially taste food on the market!

Les Rambles, 91, 08001 Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

sagrada familiaA giant and beautifully designed Cathedral, made after a design by Gaudi. The full name is also called Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família Basilica. The first stone was laid in 1882 but this enormous Cathedral is still built. The expected year that the Church must be finished is in 2026. If this is feasible or not depends on the amount of gifts that are givin by the visitors.

Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona

Secret Place-- Palo Alto

In Barcelona you can find Palo Alto, an old textile factory now used as a cultural center. On the outside it still looks exactly like the textile factory and the walls are lined with plants. It looks like there is nothing to do, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are several art exhibitions and events, but there is also a Catalan/Mediterranean restaurant where dishes are prepared with fresh local ingredients.

Fundació Palo Alto / Pellaires 30 – 38.



Magic Fountains of Montjuic

On a warm summer evening this is the place where you should be! For just as you imagine yourself in a dream. During the shows, the magic fountains of Montjuic lit by different colors and you can see the water dancing. Please notice that these spectacular shows only from Thursday to Sunday to admire between 21:30 and 00:00.

Plaça de Carles Buïgas, s/n, 08038 Montjuic, Barcelona


Camp Nou

camp nou-barcelona-guideCamp Nou is the home stadium of FC Barcelona. Camp Nou football stadium was opened in 1957 and has a capacity of 99354 places which makes it the largest football stadium in Europe. It is also known as one of the most impressive stadiums in the world. It is not surprising that Camp Nou is a magnet for tourists. In the stadium also houses the offices of the Board and the club museum.

Next to football games Camp Nou has also been the scene of several concerts such as Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, U2, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and Julio Iglesias.

C. Aristides Maillol, 12, 08028 Barcelona

Park Güell

IMG_9010The Park Güell is located on a mountain in the District of Gràcia. Here you can come for various reasons such as to enjoy nature or for walking, but especially to see the masterpieces made by Antoni Gaudí and the breathtaking view over the city of Barcelona. To visit the Park Güell relaxed you should definitely take half a day off.

Please note: there are now allowed but an x number of visitors every hour. Advantage of this is that it is now possible to take decent pictures without a crowd of tourists for you state and that there is enough space to enjoy the view!

Carrer d’Olot, s/n, 08024 Barcelona

Plaça Catalunya

Pplaca-catalunyalaça Catalunya (or Plaza Cataluña in Spanish) is one of the key points of Barcelona. This street connects the old town with the Eixample district. Four of the five metro lines cross at Plaça Catalunya and you can also find the undisputed meeting point Café Zurich and many shops such as El Triangle shopping centre and El Corte Inglés.

Also there are open air concerts and events held here, for example during the holidays of La Merçè.

Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona 

The Picasso Museum

Abstract-Art-Picasso-Wallpaper-photo-YQVqThe Picasso Museum Barcelona is one of the most visited sights of the city of Barcelona. The Picasso museum in Barcelona has three floors and there are more than 4000 works by Picasso from the period 1890-1957. The Picasso museum is housed opened in 1963 in five adjoining medieval palaces in the District of La Ribera. The portfolio includes works of Picasso to Cubism and Surrealism. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is one of the three museums (next to Malaga and France) named after and dedicated to the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.

Carrer de Montcada 15-23 Barcelona

El Born

El Born is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Barcelona and very popular with the tourists. Located in the old town, next to the Gothic quarter, El Born is the place where the famous Santa Maria del Mar Church, the Picasso Museum, the Mercat de Santa Caterina and the Palau de la Música Catalana are. In this artistic area of the city you can find in addition to a myriad of authentic boutiques also innumerable cosy cafés and restaurants where you can spend your time.

El Born, Barcelona