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General information about Barcelona

Currency:                                                                   By euros (€)
Country code (phone):                                            +93
City code (phone):                                                    +0034
In case of emergency (phone number):               112
Electricity:                                                                 220-240 volt

Typical of Barcelona
– Tapas & Paella
– Parks
– Ramblas
– Local Markets
– The Olympic Stadion
– Spanish Squares



ATM services in Barcelona

The banks in Barcelona are open from Monday to Friday from 08:30-14:00. Some banks are also open on Saturday from 08:30 to 13:00. In Spain, there is a difference between two types of banks: Cajas de ahorros (savings banks) and Bancos (regular bank).

If there is a Maestro logo on your debit card, and that is almost always the case, you can withdraw cash at ATMs with the same logo 24 hours a day. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in Barcelona.

In Spain it is customary to leave a tip in taxis, restaurants, hotels and bars. A usual gift is a tip of 5-10% on the price. Be aware that sometimes a service fee is included in the price. Restaurants will then mention that the cost for “servicio” is included.


Safety in Barcelona

Despite the large size and the differences between rich and poor, Barcelona’s pretty safe. Especially in the 70’s Barcelona was known as dangerous for tourists. This was mainly due to the poor workers from southern Spain who were responsible for the crime in the city. Since then, much has changed.

Please note that you still have keep an eye on your possessions, especially in the busier areas such as metro stations and major shopping streets. Tourists are often easy prey and can form a willing target for pickpockets and scam.


Post office services in Barcelona

The post offices in Barcelona are open from Monday to Friday from 08:30-20:30 h. Please note that a number of post offices already close at 14:00. On Saturday morning the post offices usually open from 09:30-13:00.

Would you like to post a card? For stamps, you can also start looking for a tobacco shop (Estanc) and maps you can post in the yellow buses scattered around the city.

Public holidays of Spain

Most shops and banks closed on public holidays. The public holidays of Spain are:

Date Holiday
01.01.xxxx           New Year’s Day
06.01.xxxx   Epiphany
03.04.xxxx Good Friday
01.05.xxxx   Labor Day   
15.08.xxxx Assumption of Mary   
12.10.xxxx Hispanic Day  
01.11.xxxx All Saints Day
02.11.xxxx All Saints Day Conception
06.12.xxxx Constitution Day
07.12.xxxx   Constitution Day Observed
08.12.xxxx Immaculate Conception
25.12.xxxx   Christmas Day
31.12.xxxx New Year’s Eve

How late do the stores open and close

Most shops in Barcelona are open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00-21:00. A number of shops in the city centre close at 22:00. Please note that many stores because of the ‘ Siesta ‘ from 14:00 to 16:00 or 17:00 close their doors.

The restaurants are often open for lunch between 13:00 h-16:00 h. and for dinner from 20:00-23:00. In Barcelona it is not unusual to eat around 22:00. Nevertheless, in the Centre of Barcelona many catering establishments often have wider opening hours, in particular for the tourists.

Most bars are already open around 21:00 and close at 03:00. When you choose for a night ‘ clubbing ‘ the Barcelona nightlife starts rather late. Most nightclubs start to get full around 01:00 or 02:00. The Advantage is that they often stay open longer and finish late in the morning.