Barcelona Zoo

Find your Barcelona apartments near one of the highlights in Barcelona: Parc Zoologic de Barcelona! The Barcelona Zoo is very recommendable to visit during your stay in Barcelona! The Zoo is located in the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella near the beach; therefore a day at the zoo can be perfectly combined with a visit to the nearby park or the beach.

The Barcelona Zoo has been one of the biggest attractions of the city for a long time in connection with the unique white albino gorilla Floquet de Neu (Snowflake) who lived there. Unfortunately, the animal is deceased; on November 24, in 2003. Barcelona is thus lost one of its biggest mascots. Nonetheless Floquet has a gorilla family left and course they can still be seen. None of his descendants has inherited its unique characteristics. There are still a few albino kangaroos; they are also very cute and unique to see.

Besides the gorillas, there are many other animals that you can see at the Zoo, The Barcelona Zoo has an incredible collection of animals; all sorts of species, colors and sizes that will make you forget about everyday problems! The unusual performances of dolphins and sea lions will entertain you and both young and old can have a great time in the Barcelona Zoo! Especially the dolphin show is unique and very entertaining. There are many things to do for the little ones; there is also a play ground and they can learn a lot about the animals in a playful way. There are also some restaurants and a shop.

Barcelona’s zoo is opened throughout the year.  Please bear in mind that it is possible that the time schedules change during the seasons. Entrance fees for adults are € 19,90 and for children € 11,95. Don´t hesitate any longer and find your Barcelona apartments near the Barcelona Zoo.

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