Barcelona: Hot Destination During Christmas

Dec 17, 2010 | About us, Barcelona, Barcelona Guide, Destinations, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments, What to do in Barcelona

Hot destination during Christmas

Not sure what to do for Christmas this year?  Are you tired of the same old Christmas celebration in your home town? Then come to Barcelona and stay in one of our comfortable apartments in Barcelona! Escape the boring Christmas days and have exciting ones in Barcelona!

Not the white Christmas, while sitting around the Christmas tree with your family, talking about the same things every year. Instead you can have a Christmas celebration that you will never forget! Christmas in the Mediterranean, surrounded by amazing architecture, culture and history with palm trees, the best cuisine and sangria sounds much better doesn’t it?  The Catalan Capital knows how to entertain you during the Christmas time. Barcelona has many things to offer during the Holidays: The old buildings, narrow streets of the old town and the friendly atmosphere make it a nice winter destination. The many squares in the city are decorated with beautiful lights and filled with different Christmas markets.

Barcelona is Hot! The city has proven to be the most popular destination in Europe among people in Europe and the rest of the world. Many people want o experience Barcelona in the great Christmas atmosphere. Barcelona is great to visit during every season of the year, it´s a great city for a Holiday or a short trip in the weekend. Barcelona is a modern cosmopolitan city, which has managed to preserve an important cultural, architectural and monumental historic legacy.

According to the statistics, Barcelona is a very popular destination and has done a great job in the past 2 years. More and more people in Europe prefer to spend their Christmas day in this city than in typical Christmas cities like Paris or London. Which is very interesting: Apparently in those cities we just like to do our Christmas shopping, but we celebrate Christmas elsewhere.

Both old and young can have the Christmas time of their lives in Barcelona thanks to the great cultural and clubbing scene!  The best parties will the thrown on the 24th and 25th of December. Are you convinced to spend your Christmas time in Barcelona? Then take a look in our extensive offer of accommodations in Barcelona.