Barcelona Market Week: Boqueria Market, Why Everyone Talks About La Boqueria.

Jun 7, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

La Boqueria is a world-famous and beloved Barcelona market icon. Major chefs and famous Barcelona restaurant owners shop here alongside travellers staying on or near Las Ramblas, and local food lovers keen to get some of the best fresh food from the Barcelona markets.

In large part, the most attractive part of this famous Barcelona market is the location of course. Also, the Boqueria aka Mercat de Sant Josep is one of the bigger ones. But, did you know that  in fact, this market started to become famous when the first celebrities decided to pay a visit to it?

Whether it is famous politicians, tennis and soccer players (ask Piqué) or even pop artists (ask Shakira), everyone goes there and everyone likes it. Years ago this process started and it converted La Boqueria the market with most status of all. This is precisely why here you will find the fruits and vegetables polished like nowhere else, the fish more fresh than anywhere and the stand holders shouting louder.

Visiting Barcelona and coming back without having seen la Boqueria would be like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel tower, and let’s face it.. you do not want to go back home with that thought so go out and explore the market around the city and make a few hours of your time free to visit la Boqueria.

La Boqueria is within walking distance from many of our Ciutat Vella Barcelona apartments. For other guests, it is accessible by metro, and is no more than a ten minute walk from Plaza Catalunya.

We like to thank all our readers for their nice reactions on our Barcelona market week. It was fun to write about it and we hope you enjoyed.

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