Barcelona Market Week: Sant Antoni Market, 5 Reasons to Visit a Market under Construction.

Jun 6, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

Sant Antoni Market is situated in two large Barcelona market tents in Ronda Sant Antoni while the original market undergoes major restorations.

Unlike most other Barcelona market options, the original Sant Antoni Market includes stalls for clothes, toys, craft goods, sports and travel gear. Although the “real” market is currently under construction, the “substitute” market is quite a nice one as well. It is fully equipped with air-conditioning and all the original stalls have been moved over there.

There is actually nothing you cannot find in here.

5 reasons why to visit Sant Antoni market:

– great fish is to be found here.

– the market is centric but not overpopulated (both with locals and tourists)

– prices tend to be lower than in the more centric Boqueria or Santa Caterina market.

– bring something nice back home for a friend, family or relative. You can find the better food but also clothing over here. Nice for an upcoming birthday or souvenir.

– It is on your way from Plaza España and either far from Ramblas, so if you want to see a more authentic market, visit this one.

All and all, this market in Barcelona makes a great alternative for your fresh products when staying in Barcelona apartments in Eixample Esquerra on the El Raval side of Ciutat Vella.

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