Barcelona Market Week: Born Market, Center Of Discussions.

Jun 4, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

Born Market is undergoing renovations, but you can still shop with just as much choice for your food in Barcelona in the local area. Street delis and a 7-day-a-week supermarket give you a Barcelona market alternative for your shopping when staying in one of our local Barcelona apartments.
The Born market was expected to become the new library of Barcelona until the workers did underground findings of the “old city” of Barcelona. This turned out to be the largest archaeological park that has been found until today in a city in Europe. That obviously led to the necessary discussions.
It would of course not be Spain if such finding would not raise the voice of the many (too much) involved and especially interested parties. From politicians, constructors, inhabitants of the neighbourhood, archaeological institutions, everyone had and has its opinion about the Born market.
This enormous example of iron architecture will most certainly keep on being the center of discussions.
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