Barcelona Cinema on the Beach, Something Different.

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Cinema Lliure a la Platja


The Barcelona Cinema on the Beach is an event what is in July and august when they have short movies on the beach. They started doing that last year and it was a big success. This year they will hold it again the beach cinema is always very relaxing place where everybody is just relaxing and enjoying a movie on the beach.

The Barcelona Cinema on the Beach is organized by MAGO Producion, this company is a production company located in Barcelona. There is then always a high expectation with the short movies.

The short movies all have their own language of where the movie is from but they do it with subtitles. In total they will show 6 movies the first one is Animals will be showed at 25th July. That movie goes about a teenager, his brother, and his teddy bear where they will have allot of adventures.

The next movie will be showed a week later on the first of august that movie is called nowhere boy that is a very famous story about a musical boy who finds love, trouble and allot more this story is really happened in this story you will see the boy change from a regular guy to a musician who will later be a part of the Beatles.

On the 8th of august the movie Aruggas will be on the screen, Aruggas is an animation movie about two old friends who are in an elder center.  In the beginning they don’t like it in the nurse house but when they are working together they see that this is just a new chapter of their life with allot of new adventures.

On the 15th of august there is a movie called Black Bread that’s a film from Catalonia. The Story is from the period of war in Catalunya. The Movie goes about a boy who is involved with the war and he has a hard time surviving during the movie you will also find allot of romance and sadness.

On the 22th they will show the movie another earth that is a really special film it is kind of a drama film with allots different aspects. In the story she saw a other planet in the sky while she was driving a car and on the moment she caused a accident where a few people died. In the rest of the film you will see allot of things what you never expect.

On the 29th of august they will play a movie from 2011 that is also a kind of drama movie the movie goes about a guy who decided to go to a gay bar. After that he has to make allot of hard choices.  In this movie is also allotted of romance and drama.


The Barcelona Cinema on the Beach will be held the beginning of the beach at Barceloneta in Barcelona. The most movies will take one and a half hour and there will be allot of happiness and joy.