Do Something Different: Discover Barcelona by Bike!

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Not too long ago, there were hardly any cyclists in Barcelona, but these days
they’ve become part of the local culture. More and more tourists are also
choosing to discover Barcelona by bike ; whether renting a bicycle or doing a
guided bike tour. It’s way more practical than the bus or metro, and above that,
you will see a lot more of the city by bike.

The red-white colored “Bicing” bikes are exclusively for local people. The cycling
plan was introduced in 2007, and became a big success among the locals. At the
same time the cycling offering, bike rentals and tours for travelers, has also grown.


Sea breeze
A bicycle gets you to the city center in no time, to the famous Sagrada Familia, the
beach or even Camp Nou. A great route is from the old gothic quarter (Ramblas,
Columbus side) along the Port Vell towards the beach and following the coastline
North. Here you´ll enjoy the sea breeze, while cruising next to the Mediterranean.
Keep in mind though that not all bike lanes are built in a logical way. You might be
using a lane that suddenly stops, or you’ll find a bus shelter in the middle of your
route. The good news is that cycling has become such a common thing that other
road users are used to seeing bikes around them.

Do´s and dont´s

Be careful when cycling on the pavement though. In the neighborhood of Eixample
this has been recently banned, so officially it’s not allowed everywhere in town. It is
also strongly forbidden to cycle in the middle of the Ramblas. Cycling on the road,
between the traffic, is no problem however. There are even streets where car drivers
have to respect the cyclists and where the maximum speed was decreased to 30
km/h to account for the increasing number of bikes on the road.

Using a helmet is not obligatory for adults, but it is for people younger than 16! If they
don’t wear one, the responsible adult might be fined. It’s also not permitted to tow
someone at the rear, use your mobile phone or listen music with headphones while

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Although there are more and more bike racks in town, it’s not always easy to find a
place to park your bike. You’ll see bicycles locked to traffic lights or lampposts, but
officially that´s not allowed so there is chance that the police may confiscate your
bike. We also recommend locking your bike well, since thieves view them as an easy
target, keeping in mind that they might just steel the saddle, bell or wheel. If possible,
always lock your bike inside at night.

El Ciclo

Renting a bike in Barcelona does not have to be expensive. El Ciclo in the Gothic
quarter offers high quality bicycles from €6. It’s also possible to book a cycling tour,
and discover the city with a private guide (€39 pp, different languages available). If
you come via Enjoy Apartments then El Ciclo offers a special bicycle lovers’ gift or
10% discount on your booking. Just give the code ‘Enjoy Apartments’ at
the point of reservation or just let the people in the shop know.

El Ciclo
Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc 17