Around The World – Traveling With Pets

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Real animal lovers know, that a pet is like a child to us. And if you can’t live without your pet, you should know about requirements while traveling with pets. Go around the world – traveling with pets with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Always remember to read about requirements for your pet to enter the country that you are traveling to. Besides that read about possible diseases in the country and other pet health warnings in the country. Make sure that an apartment or a hotel room you are staying is animal friendly. Remember to practice, take short road trips.

The official part – before traveling

It´s not only you who have to get ready for the trip. If you are traveling with pets from an EU country pet owners are now required to to have their pet passport. The information in animals passport involves:

  • Name and address of animal owner
  • Description of the animal (breed, sex, age, color)
  • Number of microchip (in some cases tattoo)
  • Date of the rabies vaccination, period of validity of the vaccination, type of vaccine, name of manufacturer and production number
  • Address and signature of the veterinarian

Another issue is pets health on your trip. In case of illness or injury it is not a problem to find a veterinarian. In this case your trip expenses might grow significantly. If you want to avoid such unexpected costs by investing in your pet insurance. Remember that insurance policies can involve number of things. So pay attention to such parts:

  • Is there a time limit on treatment per condition?
  • Is there a dollar limit on treatment per condition?
  • Are there flexible coverage options to fit your budget and needs exactly?
  • How well established is the company? How is it rated?

When you have taken care of required official and legal parts, made sure that your pet is healthy enough and safe to travel to different countries or exotic destinations. It´s time to take care of comfortable travel. If traveling with pets requires plane transportation, remember that airlines have different policies when transporting animals. When traveling with pets you must fill out a form before departure. Don´t forget to book a space for your animal as soon as possible (no later than 24 hours after booking the flight ticket).

Around the world - traveling with pets1

A month before the flight

Buy an approved kennel for your pet. All airlines and the DOT require that kennels be big enough for the animal to stand, sit, turn around, and lie down without restriction. Crate can’t fold down or be made from mesh or plastic. It has to have a solid top and ventilation openings on at least three sides. The kennel must also have two bowls that attach to the inside of the kennel. These will be used to supply water to your animal if needed during flight. The kennel must contain absorbent material or bedding. Towels, blankets, and shredded black and white newspaper are good choices.

Around the world - traveling with pets

After choosing and preparing right kennel leave it, with the door open, in a busy area of your home and get the animal used to being in it, so that animal would get used to it. Before the flight and during consider letting your pet to sleep with your old t-shirt, which you can then place in the pet’s crate for the flight. These actions will help to make traveling with pets less stressful for you as well as your pet.

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Pet friendly holiday locations

about possible apartments. Most apartments are not specifically equipped for your pet, so make sure that you have everything that your pet needs for comfortable stay.Living and traveling with pets is not news and is practiced all over the world. Yet still in some places and cities it is more difficult to find a place for short stay. For this reason we suggest to look for pet friendly hotels and apartments. They are not as easy to find and needs a booking to be made earlier as for a regular hotel or an apartment. Some apartment rental companies and agencies don’t promote their pet friendly apartments, so be sure to contact your favorite company to ask 

Locations to bring your pet with you, or walk to them

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Most cities and counties have some form of leash, license and pick up after your dog laws. These ordinances are designed to protect both the dog and the community at large. If you have a dog, you should read about locations, regulations about walking them. Dog must be on a leash every time while being walked. In most biggest Europe cities dogs are not required to wear a muzzle or different type restraints as long as dog is well socialized – acting according to urban dog etiquette. For most pleasant stay for you and your pet check local pet associations for more information, locations you can visit with your pet, meeting and events.

Traveling with pets can be very stressful or a lot of fun. So always remember to plan ahead and take time for animal to adapt. We love our pets, and we are sure that you do too! If you are looking for a great apartment for you and your pet and unforgettable holiday with your best friend, check these locations.

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