Andorra’s Best Kept Secret: High Mountain Cuisine

Nov 10, 2014 | Barcelona Guide

Andorra’s Best Kept Secret: High Mountain Cuisine

Andorra. Does is ring a bell to anyone? Is it Spain? Is it France? Well, no but almost. Andorra is a separate (duty-free) country nestled in between Spain and France. This mountain country has been popularised from the 70s-80s onwards with a peak in the 90s. Still, Andorra has a lot to offer. Whether you want to go there for the great taxfree shopping in its capital Andorra la Vella or you want to shoop off the slopes, Andorra has it all.

Now, what most people do not seem to know is that Andorra offers some extraordinary cuisine. Just think about it. Andorra is in between 2 of the richest countries in culinary aspect,
France and – of course counting with the world’s best restaurants, among which “El Bulli” and “El Celler de Can Roca” – Spain (Catalonia).

High mountain cuisine.
As mentioned earlier, the geographical situation of the country has led to the gastronomy typical of the Pyrenees which, with the passing of time, has received and assimilated influences
from French and Catalan cooking. Meats, charcuterie, trout, theescudella (boiled meats and vegetables), flat breads, aioli andtrinxat (chopped cabbage and potato) are among the dishes and
ingredients used in this cuisine, transmitted from generation to generation, based on the finest products of the country. An excellent opportunity to taste our gastronomy, with its own

In Andorra you are being brought closer to the most authentic aromas and flavours of the mountains through our native products. You can taste them in the best restaurants in the country or
buy them in many Andorran stores.


Quality meat from Andorra.
Andorra’s quality meat is a reference point in gastronomy, due to the best kept secret of the Andorran livestock farmers: tradition. The Andorran Stockbreeders Society markets the meat
with a control and guarantee seal “Meat of Controlled Quality from Andorra” (Carn de Qualitat Controlada d’Andorra).


Andorran wines, wines from altitude.
Casa Beal presents its Cim de Cel. The nature of the land and the altitude of over 1,000 metres make Cim de Cel a wine with very special and unique characteristics.
Borda Sabaté produces Escol, one of their wines, from grapes harvested by hand and prepared in a small winery, using the riesling grape. Casa Auvinyà has two wines in its winery: Evolució,
a red wine made from pinot noir and syrah, and a white wine called Imagine, the result of acoupageof pinot gris, albariño and viognier. Cal Berenguer offers a wine called Celler Mas
Berenguer, made with chardonnay, although they also have vineyards of pinot noir and sauvignon blanc.


Traditional beers.
Lovers of beer can also find the Andorran beer Alpha, a recent development, made traditionally and offered in four varieties: Eagle (Pilsen-type), Roure (brown), Monjo Boig (wheat) and
Crepuscle (Stout-type).


Used for culinary purposes, Nectum comes from the home remedies of our ancestors. This natural syrup, prepared with pinecones from fir trees, has a texture something like honey and is
ideal for flavouring the finest dishes: salads, white meats and cheeses such as the fresh cheese called mató.


The trumfa: the Andorran potato
The indigenous potato, of which there are four varieties, Naga, Noisette, Anaïs and Florica. These potatoes can be found in many food stores.


Aromatic and medicinal plants
Sabors i Aromes d’Andorra is marketing nine varieties for culinary use and as infusions, among which are mint, hyssop, thyme, oregano and lemon balm.
All in all, Andorra offers you the possibility of doing something different. Skiing in Andorra and the other outdoor activities can be complemented seemlessly with the fine choice of restaurants.

Convinced? Why don’t you try an apartment in Andorra for a couple of days?

Fins aviat!
(credits: article written with special thanks to the Andorra board of tourism)