About Enjoy Apartments

Who are Enjoy Apartments

We often get asked; who is behind Enjoy Apartments? Well, actually we are one big family. We are dedicated people that want to achieve the best in offering you the best information – provided by our local staff, the best quality of apartment – inspecting everything ourselves and just about anything to ensure you have an awesome stay wherever you go.

We want to present you to the people behind the success of Enjoy and therefor we like to mention that these people made and make Enjoy to what it is today..

In no particular order of importance, role or destination of Enjoy Apartments.

Mark, Jelle, Jelle, Bob, Arina, Pilar, Dankert, Andrea, Ilonka, Sol, Anouk, Nadine, Joyce, Joyce, Keyleigh, Rachel, Loes, Maaike, Marco, Menno, Michelle, Nancy, Rick, Suzanne, Thomas, Zarina, Milou, Demi, Donna, Amber, Julia, Sonia, Vincent, Yasmin, Ben, Jasper, Jasper, Heleen, Ankie, Pascal, Ralph, Gaby, Alex, Cecile, Dennis, Jette, Joep, Lina, Manon, Roos, Steffi, Esther, Thiago, Iris, Shanna, Gidi, Jurgen, Lenneke, Lydia, Marta, Carlos, Merel, Nicole, Rianne, Sergio, Chloe, Marsha, Dayenne, Daniel, Dennis, Frank, Lucienne, Josien, Nuria, Lis, Romy, Rosita, Roxanne, Carolina, Jose, Yvonne, Xavi, Bob, Javier, Melanie, Lourens, Chantal, Amy.

“Together we are stronger”


Without the dedication of all of you we would not be where we are today. So hereby, on behalf of the management of Enjoy Apartments we say again..