A feast of the senses at La Boqueria Barcelona Market.

Jun 1, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

This week, we have added a whole range of information on the Barcelona market scene, after visiting local markets and soaking up the vibe of La Boqueria.

Many of our guests enjoy Barcelona apartments in order to live like a local while visiting the city. Having kitchen facilities in your apartment is a real bonus if you want to explore the Barcelona market scene and then prepare a feast from your shopping. On our new Barcelona market pages, we have details and tips for our guests wanting to go shopping in Barcelona for fresh local food.

Of course, whether you need a local food market for your apartment stay or not, a visit to La Boqueria is a sensational outing when visiting the city. This market is world-renowned for being the inspiration and breeding ground for many of today’s most celebrated Catalan chefs.

Here’s how you can engage your senses and feast on La Boqueria:

1. Taste the freshness. You can start your visit with a spectator seat at one of the bars or cafes in or around the market. Chow into a snack made using the latest available produce, or grab something from a stand to eat and walk with, as you enter into the bustle of crazy.

2. See all the stained glass signages. With so much to grab your attention, it’s easy to miss the stained glass signage. There are some hidden gems amongst the stalls. Is your favorite the lit-up cheerfulness of the signage for Sarrera Serrano, the classic charm of Bar Boqueria or one of the more tucked away signs that you stumble across as you pass through the fruit displays and deli shops?

3. Hear the market rhythm. Tuning in to the sounds of the market will alert you to how La Boquieria functions as its own ecosystem. There is the bird-whistle of the trolley deliveries, gentling clearing the path in front of them to wheel the freshest produce to deep into La Boqueria stalls. And the babbling chatter and haggle between customers wanting the best, and the stall owners after a respectable price for quality produce.

4. Smell the ocean. With fresh seafood deliveries happening up to twice a day for some stalls, the fish roundabout will transport you to the boats and the wharfs where your seafood is first caught. Soak in the flavors of the ocean and listen in to a stall worker filleting a fish while chatting to their customer like a hairdresser would with a regular client.

5. Feel the hustle all over again. Back at your Barcelona apartments, you can immerse yourself in the memories of your La Boqueria outing when you feast into the produce or snack treats that you couldn’t resist buying!

Want to read more? Lucky you! From Thursday we will be posting all different markets of Barcelona on the Enjoy Apartments blog, so stay tuned.