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These days lots of people are trying their best to be the most sustainable as they can in their homes and during their day, but how sustainable is everyone when they travel? And how can you make sure you are helping the world out while you’re on your holiday? In this blog you will find 7 tips to travel more sustainable!!

You might think you’d have to do a lot of effort to put these tips in your normal travel routine, but most of them are actually really easy and will even save you some money! Besides, you can also learn a lot more from the culture and places you’re visiting if you care a little bit more about the future of our world!

1. Travel off season

Travelling outside the usual holidays is something that is always the best thing to do, of course because there are way less people, but also because during this time you can help out the local stores and businesses who are struggling! This also brings us to the next tip:

2. Spend your money locally

Help the community by spending you money in local shops and restaurants, besides the fact that you’re helping people out you also get a good taste of the culture! When you go out to eat, go to a restaurant owned by people who are from there, get your souvenirs and gifts from locals and shop in a local clothing store.

3. Slow travel

If you have the time, try slow travelling! Instead of going by plane and being there in a few hours, go by train. This way you will not only reattribute less to the global carbon emissions, you will also see way more of the country and places you’re visiting and you’ll be less stressed because everything goes in a slower pace πŸ™‚

4. Use reusable items

When you pack your bags, don’t forget to take reusable items like a shopping bag, water bottle and a small container for food. This way you will not have to ask for a plastic bag when you’re grocery shopping, and you can always refill your water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles. Besides, when you buy something in a shop, think if you really need the extra bag or if you can put the item in your own bag.

5. Pack light

So besides taking the reusable items, don’t take that much in general! Because do you really need 3 pairs of pants for a weekend trip? Try using a bag or backpack you can easily carry around, it will cost you less when you go with the plane and when you get at your destination you can take public transport to your destination instead of a taxi! Who likes walking around with heavy luggage anyway?

6. Use second hand travel gear

When you don’t travel so often, try borrowing travel gear from people or buy them second hand. This way your backpacks and tents won’t stay hidden in the closet until you get them out twice a year.. And it will of course save you a lot of money!

7. Try short term rental

Instead of going to a hotel or renting an apartment from the big guys like airbnb or booking.com, find accommodation at a local company like EnjoyApartments . You will help out the locals who probably need it more than the well-known brands. And you yourself will feel a lot more like a real local πŸ™‚

With these small and easy tips you can already make a difference! So make sure you use them on your next trip πŸ™‚

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