6 signs that you need a vacation!

Nov 23, 2015 | About us, Enjoy

You can’t sleep, can’t work without four cups of coffee and are very jealous when you see the holiday photos of your friends. These are 6 signs that you’re really in urgent need of holiday!

1. You hate Mondays
Monday is your worst day of the week. You can’t come out of your bed, are not enjoyable in the mornings and can’t wait until the weekend. Monday, shortest horror story ever.

2. You need 4 cups of coffee to wake up
Are you a caffeine junkie? And do you need 4 cups of coffee before you can be fit and think? Then you need some new energy, the one you get from a new country and meeting new people. Because admit it: do you drink 4 cups of coffee when you’re on holiday?! Exactly!

3. Every day is the same
You get up every day around the same time, your breakfast is the same every day, you work from 9 to 5.. The evenings are no different: you have your regular sports days, an evening dinner with friends and a few days just laying on the couch. Every day is the same, and so you already know how your month is going to go. By following a routine you get hardly any new energy, in fact you get less and less energy by the day. Time to pack your suitcase and leave!

4. Chinese takeaway is your cultural highlight
When you travel it is also common to meet with other cultures and their eating habits. By eating other foods and local ingredients you will enrich your life (and babi pangang of the Chinese takeaway does not count.) So if that’s your cultural highlight, then it is really time to go.

5. You haven’t laughed in a long time
Laughing is healthy. That means that you have to do so very often. But think again, when was the last time you had the giggles? You had to laugh so hard that you could no longer stop, including tears over your cheeks? When you have to think very long to answer this question, then that is already a sign enough. You must go on a holiday.

6. You are dead tired, but sleep does not work
Each afternoon around 4 pm you feel like you can sleep three days straight, but if you end up in bed in the evening, you can’t sleep. As a result, that you’re tired the next day. What are you waiting for? Redeem your vacation days and go!

In how many of these signs can you recognize yourself? Let us know by Social Media!