5 Top Cities To Celebrate New Year’s Eve!

Dec 31, 2014 | Barcelona Guide




What is your idea of a great New Year’s Eve party? Enjoy select the best destinations for New Years Eve.  If you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve in, you want to celebrate good. That’s why Enjoy listed the best New Years Eve parties at our destinations! A selection of large and small parties in the top 5 cities. Discover the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve where you can drink and dance until the morning light. Have fun!







London pulls out all the stops for the biggest party of the year. When Big Ben strikes midnight the

best fireworks fired for fifteen minutes long. Around the London Eye (where the fireworks are fired) is buzzing. Everything is possible in London with New Year. People are elaborately dressed and in a good mood. More than 250,000 people around the River Thames keep an eye of the fireworks and the spectacle. Visit one of the many pubs and party with the locals and other tourists. Go downtown for the spectacle; London’s South Bank is the place to be. The area around the London Eye, is really busy, properly too busy.

Go for a great view you to the bridges: the Victoria Embankment. Do you want a seat in the front of the big fireworks show?  NYE River Cruise offers top place with a spectacular view over the Thames.

The party in London doesn’t stop with NYE. On New Year’s Day, there is a three-hour parade in the city, with colorful floats, marching bands, costumed dancers and parade of the horses of the Queen. Incidentally, during New Years Eve you may free travel on the subway.





The party capital of Spain saves the best for last. Leading up to midnight, there are huge street parties at Plaza Catalunya, Las Ramblas and Plaza Reial. You will find crowd singing and sparkling champagne. At the Torre Agbar is the traditional countdown to New Year. Unlike many other major cities celebrates Barcelona, New Year without too many fireworks. The many charming squares are cozy until midnight.

Traditionally, you should be eating a grape at 24.00. In the supermarket you can find just as special packaging with 12 grapes. For luck in the New Year you have this evening, according to Spanish tradition, wear red underwear. Of course you Barcelona partying until the early hours. Popular clubs with lavish New Year’s festivities include ROW14 Opium and Razzmatazz.

Make sure you are not completely broke the next day, Because the parties are continuing. There is a spectacular “Three Kings Parade” with colorful cars, marching bands and torchlight processions through the streets of the city.





In Lisbon they know how a party should be given. There are plenty of places where you can spend the New Year.

Praça do Comércio is a free outdoor show! This is the most famous New Year festival in Lisbon. The whole evening will be given here shows and concerts and once the clocks have beaten 12 times will start the fireworks show. You have in this square perfect view of the 10-minute fireworks show, which is accompanied by modern music.

Vasco da Gama Tower
From and around the Vasco de Gama tower is given at 12 am also a small fireworks show, but this is a lot smaller than the Praça do Comércio. The nice thing about these sites, the restaurants and bars around the tower, before and after the fireworks show is there giant snug and cozy.

Nightclub Kubo is uniquely located nightclub on the Tagus you can end here 2014 special. You have stunning views over the Tagus and from the club you can see from all side fireworks. You can lounge here nice or out of your mind with the music, it’s just what you feel like.


Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro is the scene of one of the largest and wildest New Years celebrations in the world. Every year, about two million Brazilians and tourists goes together to the famous beach to celebrate New Years Eve.

The dress code is virginal white. Only the underwear has a different color that symbolizes is for your New Year wishes. Pink is the traditional color to wear. If you want to be sure that your wishes come true for 2015, you have the tradition to jump seven times over a wave.

At twelve o’clock burst the party loose with an impressive fireworks organized by the municipality, that cruise ships from the coast is chipped. In clubs, hotels and even at the Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pao do Acucar) Year celebrations are organized, in which you must pre-arrange tickets. The largest and perhaps most beautiful feast, what did you have to go through once in your life, is free and takes place on the beaches of Leme,

The New Year Is Celebrated Around The World


The New Year is ushered into Rotterdam with spectacular fireworks at the Erasmus Bridge, live performances and free ‘oliebollen’ (typical Dutch delight on New Years Eve). Countdown to midnight with the crowd and welcome 2015 in! The countdown and fireworks are broadcasted live on national television. After midnight the clubs in Rotterdam offer a variety of parties. The biggest fireworks show in the Netherlands.

What do you think of the perfect view of the fireworks, live entertainment and a delicious bed within reach after this great night?
Start 2015 in style. Aboard of the Pride Rotterdam. Step aboard in Europoort and sail with many people on the Nieuwe Maas at the Erasmus Bridge, where the show goes on.

Rotterdam has a lot to offer this night. Celebrate it with an ‘oliebol’ in your left hand, and a glass full champagne in your right. Enjoy the firework show. Cheers to 2015!