5 Things you can’t miss in Dubai

Feb 11, 2016 | Dubai, dubai guide, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments, Fun things Dubai, Tips Enjoy Apartments

Dubai has became quickly the metropolis of the desert. Giant buildings and artificially raised Islands dominate the image of this metropolis. Dubai is an important time for flights to the East. The city is perfect for a stopover.. Below 5 things you can do during your stopover.


Visit Burj Khalifa

With 828 metres is the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world. On the 124th floor is a viewing point for tourists. Once at the top you have an overwhelming view and you can see the city are located in the enormous desert. Also you can see in the Arabian Gulf the islands that should make the world and the palm islands. For the best view, go a little before sunset to the 142th floor.


Make a desert safari

If you are in Dubai, you could almost forget that the metropolis lies in a desert. A desert safari is an absolute must. There are several possibilities. If you like a bit of action, then dune bashing is maybe something for you. This is a jeep that crosses the desert. Also a camel ride and a Arab barbecue under the stars, are really fun to do.


Take a look at the old town

Don’t forget to visit the old part of the city during you trip. Here you will find old houses in traditional Arabic style. You can also visit one of the souks, such as the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk, where jewelry and spices are in sell.


Go to Palm Jumeirah

For the coast of Dubai lies Palm Jumeirah. An island in the shape of a palm tree, which is planted for over 12 billion by huge dredging. Palm island is surrounded by a huge breakwater on which the luxury 5-star Atlantis The Palm is located


Shopping in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates

Do you like shopping? Then you can indulge yourself in Dubai Mall, part of the Burj Khalifa. With over 1200 stores it is the largest mall in the world. The mall has also the largest aquarium in the world. Haven’t seen enough stores? Then you have to Mall of the Emirates. Another huge mall, beside hundreds of shops can also can find here Ski Dubai. An indoor ski resort of over 22,500 square meters.


In short, you want to interrupt a long flight to the east? Then Dubai is an ideal opportunity here for. Take a look on our for more fun things on our Dubai blog page!