5 Reasons Why Barça Wins Madrid Tonight

Dec 10, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

Tonight the “El Clásico” will be celebrated again. This clash between the two (probably) best football teams of the world, will be played in Madrid. The “Madrileños” appear in a better shape than the “Blaugranas”. We, from Enjoy Barcelona, think that this does not mean that all is played for just now.
Below we have short-listed the 5 reasons why Barça wins Madrid tonight! There were so many, we had to make a pick…
  1. Under the instructions of Barça manager/coach Josep Guardiola FC Barcelona has never been defeated by Madrid, just in the one exception, which was in the finals of the “Copa del Rey”, that was disputed over two matches.
  2. Barça, because of the high amount of players that have been playing since they were children for FC Barcelona, will be more playing with the heart
  3. Messi always scores in important matches
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo hardly ever scores in really important matches.
  5. In Barça’s setting, Pep can count with world’s best players on the midfield playing possession of the ball.. so, like the legendary Johan Cruyff once said: “when you have the ball, the opponent can’t score”.. Very true, Johan, let’s see where it will take us tonight!
In case you are staying in one of our apartments in Barcelona and want to see how Barça wins Real Madrid tonight, please tune in to TV3, the catalan TV network. You may want to see the match live. Do go to any of the many bars in Barcelona. Most of them will broadcast the match. Be early and get yourself a good spot. Be polite to the people, don’t annoy them and don’t stand in the way. This match is taken quite seriously by the locals so don’t make fun of them should you be supporting Real Madrid.
Enjoy Apartments has set up a poll where you can leave your opinion on who will win “El Clásico”, should you want that visit the poll on facebook.
Enjoy the match! Força Barça!
(good luck to our colleagues from Enjoy Madrid, bring your handkerchiefs 😉