5 reasons to visit Madrid RIGHT NOW!

Oct 7, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

Welcome to Enjoy Madrid!

At noon today, Enjoy Apartments celebrated the launch of our newest city website of apartment offers. Welcome to Enjoy Madrid! Based on our guests’ favorite apartments in Barcelona, Rotterdam and Curacao, we have selected a range of Madrid apartments to be your base when you visit one of the most fascinating and complex cities of modern Europe!

To celebrate our launch, we have a number of special gifts and discounts to offer our first guests who stay with Madrid apartments over the coming months. The months of October and November are a great time to visit Madrid, and here’s our top 5 reasons why. (And don’t miss our super 6th reason to visit Madrid RIGHT NOW! mentioned at the end of this blog post.)

1.            The weather

October is a consistently great month to visit Madrid as it is comfortable enough to explore the city on foot and to enjoy one of the greenest cities of Europe. Our new city guide pages give you lots of reasons to explore Madrid. In October and November, the weather is perfect for being out and about in the city without the chill of winter or the searing heat of the height of summer.

The Madrid weather in October averages in the early 20s (degreees Celsius) maing it a comfortable city to enjoy outdoors all month. In November, temperatures average around 15 degrees, which still makes for a very pleasant time to be visiting and walking around the city.

2.            To attend an event for the Autumn Festival

Madrid’s Autumn Festival (Festival de Otono) runs across October and November and showcases some of the best Spanish and European cultural events in dance, theatre, music and art. Soak up the Madrid cultural vibe by staying in one of our Madrid apartments and seeing the latest in cultural performances this Autumn.

3.            To collect your 10% discount for helping spread the news about Enjoy Madrid on Facebook!

To help us get the news out about our fantastic new offers at Enjoy Madrid, we are offering all of our previous guests, Facebook fans and online supporters the chance to get a 10% discount simply by helping us spread the news about Enjoy Madrid! If you post our Enjoy Madrid details to your Facebook page and let us know, we will give you 10% off your first booking to Madrid.

4.            To receive your Welcome to Enjoy Madrid Gift Pack!

Want more special offers to join us in Madrid? If you book for a Madrid stay in October and November, we will send you a special welcome gift pack when you arrive. Your Welcome to Enjoy Madrid Gift Pack contains:

  • An ebook guide to each of the Madrid neighborhoods and their personalities!
  • An Enjoy Madrid browser app tool that can help you plan and keep up with what’s happening in Madrid, before, during and after your visit
  • A multimedia guide to Madrid’s culinary culture featuring a survey of who’s who in the Madrid restaurant scene and a go-out/stay-in guide with restaurant recommendations for eating out and recipes and a market guide for staying in your Madrid apartment to cook something special!

Our gift packs will be provided to anyone who books to stay in October or November (booking must be made by end of October). Please mention our coupon code MB001 when you book to receive your Welcome to Enjoy Madrid Gift Pack.

5.            Because it’s Madrid!

Madrid is a fascinating, complex and dynamic city to visit at any time of year. As you will learn on our Madrid city guide pages, the city has both a common feel that is distinctly Madrileno, and individual personalities that reflect the different neighborhoods of Madrid: from the old style mixed with contemporary Madrid in Lavapies, the international foodie culture of La Latina, the Hapsburg-era cultural feast of Opera Madrid, and the exclusive luxury of Salamanca Madrid. Not to mention the art rebellion style of Malasana or the gayborhood of Chueca. Madrid offers you a thousand reasons to fall in love with this city. We dare you to only visit the once!

And if that wasn’t enough, we are NOW OFFERING a 20% discount to the anyone who books a stay in our Madrid as part of our opening launch. Book now and receive your opening discount. Come and celebrate our new website and city apartments offers and Enjoy Madrid!