5 Reasons to “Tip or Skip”? Amsterdam vs Rotterdam.

Mar 9, 2017 | About us, Destinations, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments

We noticed that for first time visitors to the Netherlands (Holland, if you will..) it can be confusing to know where to go and what to see. One of the bigger doubt is definitely whether to choose between the two largest cities of the country, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

So, we have listed for you the 5 reasons to tip or skip one of both. Amsterdam is beautiful of course, but there are some things that make it totally worth it to go and see Rotterdam. Amsterdam vs Rotterdam. Two totally different cities, but both are equally special. Tourists from whole over the world decades find the way to us capital city. While the port of Rotterdam since a couple of years is really on the rise. Happy to know that Dutch people knows that Rotterdam a visit worth is. But witch of these two cities is designed for any type to visit one of the cities? We put the differences (and similarities) for you here.


1. Capital vs. Port

Amsterdam and Rotterdam are both very important in the history of the Netherlands all is the part of the two cities totally different. Amsterdam has been for centuries the capital and in earlier years there made all important decisions about the Netherlands. Rotterdam was important for other things as conveniently located off, at the mouth of the Rhine, could Rotterdam grow up as biggest harbor of Europe. The way how Amsterdam and Rotterdam have developed over the centuries, is due to these historic functions. Rotterdam a practical city where progress central state. Amsterdam is a city with more traditions where history plays a major role.

In this we would tip Rotterdam and skip Amsterdam.


2. Canal houses vs. modern architecture

Amsterdam clichés are of course the canals and the stately canal houses. This is not surprising, because in the centre of Amsterdam you can find 75 kilometer of canals. A lot of houses along of the canals are classic buildings from the golden age. The canal is even on UNESCO heritage since 2010. This shows how important this canals for the city and even to the entire world. How different is it in Rotterdam? A city which was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War. Rotterdam city in rapidly become a real Mecca for architects. Rotterdam is broad-minded and give space for creativity. World famous architects as Rem Koolhaas have marked the skyline of Rotterdam. Amsterdam is a city for people who loves old buildings and charming narrow streets. Rotterdam is great for lovers of architecture and modern buildings.

In this we would tip Rotterdam and skip Amsterdam.


3. The Rijksmuseum vs. Boijmans van Beuningen

Both cities have a lot of in the field of art and culture to offer. Strikingly Rotterdam regards museums seem to more toward to modern art, while Amsterdam excels in exhibitions on classical (Holland) masters.  The cities have also similarities. One of the most important museums of Rotterdam is Boijmans van Beuningen. Here are highlights of the early Middle Ages to admire the 21st century. Old meets new on a an incredibly beautiful way. The most important museum of Amsterdam is The Rijksmuseum. Here is the art of the old masters central: Vermeer, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Gogh and more very big names from the art history have gained a spot on the wall here. Who is crazy about classic art can’t skip The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Admires you prefer a mix of classic and modern? Visit than Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

In this we would tip Amsterdam and skip Rotterdam.


4. Busy streets vs. more space

Do you know that there come five million tourists to the capital Amsterdam? By far the mostly people stay in the centre of the city, whereby it in Amsterdam year-round pressure is. The vast majority of tourists come to Amsterdam for all the beautiful sights and special activities. In Rotterdam, on the other hand, exists more than half of the visitors from business tourists. This type of tourist does not necessarily have an apartment or hotel in the centre of the city and skip the sights. Due this is it feels like in Rotterdam a lot less touristic than Amsterdam. When you don’t like bustle is Rotterdam a very good option to visit.

In this we would tip Rotterdam and skip Amsterdam.


5. The Vondelpark vs. The park

Both cities have a several of lovely parks where it in the summer very cosy and busy is. The Vondelpark in Amsterdam is a real understanding. Amsterdammers as well all tourist love to come here.  In the spring and the summer you find here an open air theater where you every weekend facing allegations can for nice sing, dance, theater and cabaret. Also The Park in Rotterdam is the whole year very busy. In the summer you can find here nice activities. There are summer Sundays with workshops, relax music and theater it is a recommended. In the field of parks and nature, both cities are a must! But well, then again… if we have to choose…

In this we would tip Amsterdam and skip Rotterdam.



Now that you know what to visit and what not to, we hope that you can make a better decision on where to stay. In any case Enjoy Apartments offers great short-stay accommodation in both cities, so you can always rent a nice place in Rotterdam or a cool loft in Amsterdam, it’s your call!

Enjoy your stay!