4 reasons for appsterdammrs to come to BDigital Apps in November

Oct 13, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

An interview with the Coordinator of this year’s BDigital Apps, the Barcelona app conference, Gemma López

While, of course, we encourage mobile and web apps developers from all over the world to consider attending BDigital Apps, the Barcelona app conference on 15 -16 November, at CosmoCaixa (Isaac Newton Street 26), Enjoy Apartments hopes Appsterdammrs will give some extra thought to attending this year. Here’s why:

1. Free publicity!

Between our Enjoy Barcelona and Enjoy Rotterdam sites, our #welovemwc campaign content this year aims to spotlight the mobile apps scene in the Netherlands and Spain. The Netherlands has truly been a powerhouse in recent years, made all the more obvious after visionary apps developer Mike Lee started drawing attention to the local industry scene. Lee predicts the “dawn of the age of magic in computing” as apps turn mobile devices into powerful and fantastic tools of the future. To investigate more, we will happily interview any Barcelona apartments guest or Netherlands-based app developer who is attending the BDigital Apps, the Barcelona apps conference. Help us to spread the word about your business innovation!

2. €10,000 in prizes up for grabs!

“Together with La Caixa, we have organized the first ever Spanish marathon in application development for financial services”, shares Gemma López, Coordinator of BDigital Apps. “For 24 hours, between 11 and 12 November, apps developers can meet in the Media-TIC building and develop financial services applications. The marathon is equipped with five prizes of 2,000 euros each for the best apps developed during this period of time.” With Dutch businesses like 80 Beans hosting monthly hackathons for mobile apps, and from reading the twitter-buzz after each appsterdam meetup, we know Netherlands developers will be keen to strut their stuff and compete for this cash!

3. Network and build global business contacts at the Barcelona app conference

November’s BDigital Apps, the Barcelona app conference gives appsterdammrs a chance to build connections and extend their contacts in the apps developer community. Gemma López explains: “We want BDigital Apps to be the preferred showcase for the emerging apps market as well as a meeting point for companies looking to exploit this new channel to improve processes and communicate with their customers, employees and suppliers. By bringing together developers, business, and users of the apps and by showing the potential of this market, we want to turn the event into a catalyst for business opportunities.”

4. Keep the PICNIC 2011 urban dream alive in the World’s First Mobile City

Amsterdam hosts one of the world’s most thought-provoking creative conferences each year: Picnic. This year, the focus was on the future shape of our urban environments. Gemma López believes Barcelona – having been named the first Mobile World City by industry group GSMA – is the ideal city to keep this conversation going. “It is another example of the potential of Barcelona as a city of reference for the sector of apps, which was demonstrated by the successful assistance in the first edition of BDigital Apps, attended by over 700 people… The city is also competitive in design, innovation and creativity in content, fields where ICT are key.”

For more information, check our events page coverage of the Barcelona app conference, BDigital Apps, or read over our Enjoy Guide for Barcelona business trips for events.